Cyber Incident – Data Breach Response Services

Data Breach?  Exfiltration?  Cyber Intrusion? Compromised Network? GDF can get you though it!

Cyber Intrusion - Data BreachThe digital world can offer opportunities and advantages for businesses like never before.  Unfortunately, the same holds true for some scurrilous individuals and organized groups out there who decided their business is to steal, expose, humiliate, inconvenience and incapacitate anyone and everyone, whenever and wherever they can.

No One is Safe!

2013 proved, on an unprecedented scale, that no one is safe, not corporate giants, not world-class hospitals, not recognized news organizations, not financial powerhouses on Wall Street, not even the watchers themselves, like the CIA and FBI.  They all fell victim to malicious hackers. And by all accounts and expectations, 2014 stands to be even nastier. But, you’re in luck.  You’ve already found GDF, and we can help you weather the impending digital storm.

When a Cyber Incident Occurs, Time is Critical

As soon as an incident occurs, preserving and retrieving information to gain an understanding of what happened are critical steps to rectifying the situation, restoring normal business and preventing downtime. We’ll also help you stay in line with regulatory compliance through the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other legislation, which often require organizations have an incident response plan in place. GDF and its globally positioned network of Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) can be onsite in hours to isolate, secure and investigate security breaches.  In addition, GDF has developed specialized tools to immediately begin the process remotely once we receive your call.

It Just Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Our extensive experience in network forensics and security, as well as our ‘No Retainer Policy’, make it both cost-effective and simple to insure your organization has a response team standing by to handle the problem, mitigate the damage and ensure regulatory compliance. all with absolutely no down side or unnecessary expenses.

Where You Need Us, When You Need Us

With GDF’s response times at 12 hours in most US cities (times vary, but usually much lower in metropolitan areas) and 24­48 hours worldwide, your organization is assured someone will be there when needed. Our fully equipped, experienced and certified responders have years of experience in the IT security industry and can assist with all aspects of your emergency, from securing the system or network through acquisition and forensic analysis.

GDF has offices strategically located in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim, South America and the Middle East which translates into two big advantages for our clients, saving on travel expenses, and having a response team on the case with exceptional local knowledge.

All responders carry certifications, like for Access Data’s Guidance Software (EnCase), and from other industry recognized and accepted vendors, organizations and tools, as well as advanced degrees in Computer Science and engineering.

Honed to perfection, the GDF process gets results:

Immediately begin information gathering and determine required resources
How was the Incident Detected?
What characteristics are being shown?
Identify All Suspected Activity
Initial Theories
Legal/Compliance Issues
Initial Observations
Take Action to Isolate the Threat and Stop the Flow of Sensitive Data

Collection of Data
Develop a Data Acquisition Plan
Live Acquisitions
Remote Acquisitions
Network Packet Captures
Malware Acquisition
Log Acquisition
Chain of Custody

Examination of Collected Data for Evidence
Log Files
Firewall Logs
Web Logs
Malicious Code
Packet Captures

Determine Nature of the Attack
Identify Exposed Data
Build Timeline of Incident
Determine Scope of Compromise
Identify Intrusion Vector

Detailed Reporting of the Incident and the Extent of Damage
Daily Updated Reporting
Identification of Compliance/Legal Issues
Clear Reporting for Decision Makers (non-technical)
Deliver Final Report of Findings

GDF Has A Long  History of Success

Some of the highest profile breaches in history have been kept under control and remediated by GDF professionals.

For 20 years, Global Digital Forensic has been specializing in the forensic analysis and security of all types of digital assets and media (computer forensics) for corporate clients, law firms and government agencies. GDF has also pioneered many cyber intrusion remediation tools and techniques, always conforming to the principles of computer forensics and maintaining strict forensic soundness to avoid admissibility and spoliation issues that could prove dire to your case should prosecution be involved. Our experience in data recovery and correlation, combined with our expert forensic examiners, gives us an unrivaled advantage when handling breach and intrusion events and gives our clients the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. GDF has successfully completed the forensic acquisition, analysis and production of relevant information for many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and financial institutions, making us the perfect choice even in highly regulated industries, and ensuring a seamless transition from cyber intrusion or data breach remediation through any eDiscovery needs that may arise in the legal arena. Our references are impeccable and available upon request. Time is your enemy in an emergency, so don’t hesitate, call today and let GDF take the reins.

GDF Services – Urgency for your emergency

Exceptional worldwide response times
Detection and Identification Analysis of the Incident
Identification of the Intrusion Vector
Reverse Engineering
Source Code Analysis
Isolation of the Incident
Determine Payload and Impact of the Incident
Law Enforcement Experience and Connections
Unrivaled Detailed Reporting