Mobile Phone and Tablet Forensics

Mobile Phones and Tablets – Expanding Sources of Digital Evidence

File storage and data communication are certainly not limited to desktop and laptop computers, or even mobile phones.  The popularity of devices such as the iPad and other tablets, as well as iPods, Netbooks and countless other devices, open a whole new world of mobile data.  Files are downloaded to, or uploaded from devices all of the time.  Indeed, we are a mobile society, checking in when we eat, texting friends and family and  even co-conspirators, making mobile devices  ultimately important and relevant sources of digital evidence.   Devices like Android or iPhones may be the only sources of some evidence.

At Global Digital Forensics, we have experience with all types of mobile devices, from simple phones, to advanced smart phones and tablets, and the wealth of information they hold.A new trend in mobile technology, Geotagging, also known as location services, utilizes the GPS capabilities of modern smart phones and tablets to “tag” images, or provide crucial 911 emergency services, which provides skilled mobile device forensics technicians with information on where a phone was when a GPS fix occurred, and they occur often.  A skilled mobile forensics technician can link images to locations or validate where a text message was sent from using GPS data, but time is of the essence.

Like a lot of digital evidence, GPS data on smartphones can be fragile and have limited life expectancy.  Act quickly and call GDF for a free consultation, there is a world of  data in the mobile world, let us help you benefit from it.

Most mobile devices can be forensically analyzed and valuable evidence may be able to be extracted. For example:

    • Text Messages
    • GPS and Location Data
    • Pictures and Downloads
    • VoIP Call Logs
    • Installed Software
    • Mobile Spyware
    • Email and Instant Messages
  • Spoofed Caller ID Data