Computer Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony for the Digital Millennium!

Expert WitnessThe world of technology is constantly changing, and with it, so are the expectations of the courts. At the forefront of the most recent changes trickling through the legal world, court system by court system, is the expectation that competent technology professionals will be engaged in the discovery process every step of the way. And as is often the case, that means expert witness testimony that is above reproach is going to be needed before the proverbial fat lady can even warm up to sing of your legal victory.

Testifying Experts

GDF technology experts not only have the credentials to successfully support your case, they have the experience in the courtroom and in the field that make them invaluable weapons in your arsenal. For more than two decades, our testifying experts have gained a unique insight and talent that facilitates their ability to make complex issues, such as encryption or analysis algorithms, seem simple and understandable. When complex technologies are involved, from hardware, firmware and software, to back-end processing algorithms, the breadth of knowledge and ability to clearly explain and be easily understood are the cornerstones of successful testifying experts. At GDF, we have successfully explained complex technologies to lay people in the courtroom, in camera and at deposition.

Non-Testifying Experts

GDF Experts are different. We are not “briefcase experts” that come in for a day, get prepped and testify, all of our experts are PRACTICING technology consultants that not only testify, but are intimately familiar with the technology they are tasked with understanding and explaining to clients, counsel and testifying experts. Unlike pure academics that may conceptually understand a technology, but who haven’t written code, installed an enterprise application, or interfaced with end users in a decade, GDF experts live and breathe the real-world technologies used every day.

“It’s one thing for experts to have a technology background and understanding, but at GDF they not only understand the technology, but for the first time a vendor actually read and understood the complaints and could put them in context with the technology, amazing.”

Our consulting and security lines of business serve our expert witness clients well because all of our technology experts are in-field, so when you need an expert in healthcare management software, for instance, we have probably installed it, managed it and supported it, and probably know it better than even the clients that use it. We see hardware, software and mobile technology in a plethora of vertical markets, from manufacturing, shipping, technology and international trade, and so on, so there really isn’t a technology beast we can’t tame. When it comes to determining the merits of your technology case, be it patent infringement, system failure, or performance issues, GDF’s experts can successfully review, understand and explain it all so you, your clients, the court and the opposition all clearly understand it.

When you consider experts, it just makes sense to consider the best. We are so confident we can impress you, impress your client and impress their technology people, we are willing to put skin in the game, we will review your complaint, research the issues, and deliver a technology strategy report, at no cost, because we are sure once you experience the GDF difference, we will win your business.

If by some fluke we don’t have the right expert, we’ll help you find one.

With our network of experts and over two decades of experience, if we somehow don’t have the expertise you need, we’ll gladly supply you some exceptional leads, because our first priority at Global Digital Forensics is always your success.

Cut the Opposition Down to Size

So, your case hinges on a testifying expert witness? A non-testifying expert? In either case, if it has to do with ESI, you’ll never have to deal with those “deer caught in the headlights” moments when the opposition tries to grind their axe, but we’re confident you’ll enjoy seeing that look on them, early and often.

A GDF Strike Out? Not in this game…

GDF’s experts don’t just play the part of an expert witness, they live and breathe the part every day. It’s our well rounded experience that allows us to put out those unexpected but troublesome spot fires, as well as unforeseen infernos, when it’s time for your eDiscovery to stand up to scrutiny. We can hit curve balls, spitballs, changeups and sliders, or any other sneaky pitch the opposition dreams up, because we’ve been in enough games to have seen just about everything. So, if you want a hitter that rattles easily, find a rookie, but if you want a battle-hardened all-star veteran that understands every nuance of the game and doesn’t flinch when it’s all on the line, grab the red phone and get GDF on deck. We’ll send it out of the park, for you.

GDF – Expert Analysis and Expert Testimony for:

⇒Computer Forensics / Email and Web Mail
⇒Source Code Forensics and Analysis
⇒Patent Infringement – Hardware & Software
⇒Operating Systems – Computers & Devices
⇒Handheld Digital Devices / Cellular Phones
⇒Networks & Network Security
⇒Technology Hardware Defects
⇒Technology Intellectual Property Infringement
⇒Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
⇒SAS and PeopleSoft / Databases of All Types
⇒Workflow and Process Automation Systems
⇒Insurance Systems / Healthcare Systems
⇒Computer and Internet Usage
⇒Complex Databases / Mainframe Databases
⇒Financial Systems / Credit Card Processing
⇒Accounting and HR Platforms
⇒Airline Reservation Systems

Virtually any type of case involving technology products, call us for CV’s & qualifications