Empowering our IT Department to work symbiotically with our Legal Team has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and costs on a single matter. Frankly, we couldn’t have done it without the guidance and tools from GDF.

John Danwell, CEO - Smith Aerospace

I am writing to thank you for your office’s outstanding work in the above-captioned matter.  Despite not hearing from me until Friday afternoon, you were able to connect us to an expert who could do what we needed in time to get us a wonderfully-written report by Sunday afternoon.  What’s more, you and Mr. Caruso were flexible enough to work out a financial arrangement which provided my client everything he needed without additional expense.

I would also like to thank Mr. Knudsen for his excellent work on such short notice.  Within two days over the weekend, he was able to complete all the work that was required, as well as a very detailed report about his findings.  This report enabled Attorney Minnella to make a stipulation with the state prior to making his motion for judgment of acquittal; based largely on the stipulation, the Superior Court (Hon. Thomas O’Keefe) granted the motion for judgment of acquittal.  As a result an innocent man can finally rest easy knowing that he has been vindicated and no longer faces the threat of imprisonment for something that it is apparent he did not do.


“Electronic Discovery is more than creating TIFF Images of existing documents, it is necessary to identify less obvious sources of evidence, request it properly and make it usable, GDF’s Electronic Document Discovery Services make the difference in the usability of data at pricing that keeps us within budget.

Mark J. Weiss , Litigator, Weiss Goldberg and Harris