ESI Discovery Module

The Advantage Plus ESI Discovery Module facilitates the search and identification of ESI that resides on resources on the network.  It is a true Early Case Assessment (ECA)  resource.  In a complete defensible and forensically sound manner, resources like Exchange servers, file servers, SharePoint and cloud storage can be searched and categorized early in the discovery process without capturing the actual data.  Counsel can review solid estimated statics regarding number of files, pages and size of a potential collection, without actually collecting data, thus giving a realistic picture of the complexities of eDiscovery while avoiding over collection.

Estimating a budget and building an argument around ESI has never been easier when you have unparalleled insight into the data, where it resides and how large the collection may be.  Imagine being able to estimate, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, how much data is being requested and how long it may take to harvest and review it before you actually collect a single file, now that is Early Case Assessment at its best.

Search and categorize :

  • Email Systems including Exchange Servers
  • File Servers
  • SAN and NAS
  • Cloud Data
  • Databases
  • And more