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Small Businesses are Big Targets for Cyber Attacks

For the end of October 2015’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, Forbes published an article on some of the things small businesses can do to protect themselves from cyber attacks. GDF’s founder lends some industry insight and goes into more detail on what some of these steps actually entail and how the right cyber security experts can help small businesses best navigate today’s cyber threat landscape within their budget… November 2, 2015

Want Affordable Cyber Insurance? Healthy Cyber Security Helps

After another year of historic data breaches, the cost of cyber insurance is spiking, especially for health insurers and retailers, according to a Reuters report earlier this week. Global Digital Forensics’ founder expands on the report with industry insight on what businesses can do to help make cyber insurance a more attractive option… October 17, 2015

Cybercrime’s Rising Costs Only Magnify Need for Effective Emergency Response Plans

According to a recently released industry study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach for US companies rose substantially over the last year. On the heels of this study, GDF’s founder talks about some of the real costs associated with data breaches and what Global Digital Forensics can do to help organization protect their reputation and bottom line… October 10, 2015

Most Healthcare Organizations Lacking Against Phishing Attacks

According to the HIMSS Senior Director of Research, phishing is “the number one thing that keeps CISOs up at night” among healthcare organizations, and yet, many fail to prepare staff with realistic exercises. Global Digital Forensics can help organizations increase social engineering awareness across the board with controlled phishing campaigns which help drive security awareness home across the board… October 3, 2015

SEC’s 2nd Push on Cyber Security Focuses on Risk Assessment

The SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations issued a risk alert this week to give some guidance about the areas of focus the second round of their cyber security examination initiative will cover, namely risk assessment. Global Digital Forensics offers solutions that can help organizations cover their cyber security risk assessment bases and significantly improve their overall cyber security posture… September 19, 2015

IT Security Beware: A Cyber Security Nightmare at Work Can Start at Home

A family in Dayton made the news this week when they got slapped with the harsh reality that a cyber intruder had infiltrated their digital lives. GDF’s founder talks about the lessons IT security personnel should take away from examples like this and the importance of getting everyone in an organization up to speed on at least basic cyber security awareness, because whether an employee is in the office or at home, organizational data security can be affected… September 5, 2015

Business Cyber Security – Come Out of the Summer with a Clean Slate

It’s easy for cyber security to break down in the summer, so with vacation season winding down, it’s a great time for organizations to get reset and move into the fall with a clean slate. Global Digital Forensics offers professional scanning, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing packages to help businesses do just that… August 29, 2015

Digital Forensics Moving Closer to the Center of the Clinton Email Drama

As questions continue to swirl around Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email account, and the possibility classified information may have been put at risk, attention is shifting to the digital forensics investigation being conducted by the FBI, highlighted by a recent article in The Washington Post. With so much national focus on the matter, GDF’s founder talks about some of the ways digital forensics can get to the truth about digital correspondence, and beyond… August 22, 2015

Executives Failing Hard Regarding Employee Cyber Security Awareness

Two recent surveys show half of the executives surveyed don’t conduct periodic cyber security awareness and training programs, or cyber security training for new employees. Global Digital Forensics offers solutions to help clients raise cyber security awareness enterprise wide… August 15, 2015

The Internet of Things Poised to be the Next Big Bang in Cyber Security and eDiscovery

The digital universe keeps expanding, and with it, so do the dangers to data security. With Black Hat 2015 shining a spotlight on some troubling examples of how the Internet of Things can open unexpected holes on the cyber security frontier, Global Digital Forensics’ founder talks about some of the aspects businesses of all stripes should start getting acquainted with going forward… August 9, 2015

Frenemy at the Gates – Hackers Excel at Leveraging Trust

A recent cyber security industry report broke down the evolution of an organized cyber crime group dubbed Black Vine. GDF’s founder discusses some of the themes which were touched on, from zero day exploits to watering hole attacks, and how trust is often used as a weapon of choice by cyber attackers… August 1, 2015

Mobile Apps Are a Major Gateway for Hackers

A recent report in Forbes highlights the struggles IT security personnel are having with the deluge of insecure mobile apps which are permeating today’s work environments. Global Digital Forensics offers security solutions to help organizations stem the tide… July 25, 2015

Effective Response Plan Key to Surviving a Data Breach

The struggle the Office of Personnel Management is still having in the aftermath of having records on 21.5 million people compromised shows just how important an effective emergency response plan is for any organization with valuable digital assets. From preparedness through notification, Global Digital Forensics offers solutions to help businesses navigate a data breach from A to Z… July 18, 2015

Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Hackers Bank On It

The tally has now soared to over 22 million individuals who had personal information stolen from the Office of Personnel Management in two separate, but connected, hacks on their network over a period of more than a year… July 11, 2015

New FTC Scam Alert Shows Latest Example of Social Engineering Dangers

The FTC recently issued a scam alert about hackers using a text authorization scam to hack email accounts. Global Digital Forensics offers solutions which can help organizations stop attacks on their employees like these from also compromising corporate networks… July 4, 2015

Hackers Still Going Hard After Banks – But Employees Are Now Prized Targets

A recent study shows banks getting hit by three times as many cyber attacks than other sectors, with hackers’ best successes not coming from frontal assaults, but by exploiting the human element. GDF’s founder talks about the importance of raising employee cyber awareness, and how professional penetration testing with a focus on social engineering and expert emergency incident response can help… June 27, 2015

Corporate Cyber-Espionage Can Be a Major League Headache for Any Business

As baseball’s very own “spygate” scandal captures national attention, it should be a reminder for every kind of business about the potential consequences of corporate cyber-espionage. GDF’s founder talks about some cyber security solutions that can help businesses maintain control of their most sensitive digital assets… June 20, 2015

Mobile Forensics Often the Key to Finding Answers

In the aftermath of last month’s Amtrak tragedy, investigators are tirelessly trying to piece together exactly what happened, and mobile forensics may be revealing key pieces of the puzzle. GDF’s founder talks about the role mobile forensics can play in investigations and some of the things data from mobile devices can reveal… June 13, 2015

Cyber Security Tips for a Safer and Happier Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a great time of year. It’s a time to unwind from the daily stresses of work, a time to visit exotic locales, splash around in the surf, hike trails, barbeque with friends, or do whatever else is on the agenda to make some happy memories, but it can also be fraught with cyber perils at every turn. To keep the good times rolling, Global Digital Forensics offers these cyber security tips for travelers getting ready to embark on their summer adventures… June 6, 2015

IRS Attack Exemplifies the Compounding Dangers of Stolen Personal Data

It was reported this week that cyber criminals accessed the tax records of over 100,000 taxpayers directly through the IRS website by using illegally obtained security information. Global Digital Forensics provides professional cyber security solutions which can help businesses, and their employees, avoid becoming unwitting accomplices in attacks like these… May 30, 2015

One Headline Making Cyber Attack Sparks Discovery of Another

Prompted to beef up security after the cyber attack on Anthem Inc. made headlines earlier this year, CareFirst discovered this week that attackers had gained access to a database which exposed data on 1.1 million of its customers. GDF’s founder talks about the lessons to be taken from this example and highlights some of the services offered by Global Digital Forensics which can help business uncover their own hidden breaches… May 23, 2015

APTs Top the List of Scariest Cyber Threats

APTs are at the pinnacle of the cyber threat landscape, usually conducted by state sponsored cyber warriors or well-funded cybercrime rings with talented hackers. Cyber threat vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and other cyber security solutions offered by Global Digital Forensics help clients substantially fortify their cyber security posture to combat these types of threats and more… May 16, 2015

The Effectiveness of Spear Phishing Not Lost on Cyber Terrorists

Spear phishing has long been an effective tool for hackers to infiltrate business networks, but as outlined in a recent article published by the InfoSec Institute, terrorists are embracing the concept as well. Global Digital Forensics can help organizations significantly bolster their cyber security posture against threats like spear phishing with offerings which help clients combat social engineering threats… May 8, 2015

Cyber Aftershocks from Nepal’s Earthquake Can Cripple Businesses Right Here at Home

US-CERT recently issued an alert about cyber scams popping up in the aftermath of Nepal’s deadly earthquake, which is just more proof businesses have to be extra vigilant against social engineering attacks which could end up compromising their entire network. The founder of Global Digital Forensics talks about the threats scammers like these can pose to businesses and the importance of bolstering social engineering awareness enterprise wide… May 2, 2015

An Outsider’s Perspective on Cyber Security Can Only Benefit CIOs

As highlighted in a recent article in The Mortgage News, the view from a CIO’s ivory tower can not only be deceiving, but dangerous for the entire enterprise as well when it comes to the world of cyber security. Global Digital Forensics offers proven solutions which will lend that crucial outsider’s perspective to help CIOs significantly bolster an organization’s cyber security posture… April 25, 2015

Cyber Attackers Continue to Fine Tune Deception and Stealth Tactics According to New Report

A security industry report released by Symantec this week highlights how the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and how important it is for every organization to finally embrace cyber security best practices. Global Digital Forensics provides solutions to help organizations of any size get, and/or stay, on a path to a strong cyber security posture… April 18, 2015

Digital Evidence Best Chance for Answers in Germanwings Air Disaster

As the investigation into the recent crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 into the French Alps continues, digital evidence is at the forefront in investigators’ efforts to find out the who, how and why of what happened on that tragic day. GDF’s founder talks about what kinds of things digital forensics experts can help investigators and attorneys uncover when data is the only witness left to question… April 4, 2015

Businesses Dealing With PCI Falling Short On Regular Vulnerability Scans and Pen Testing

Findings in a recent industry report show far too many companies that deal with payment card information are falling behind in their vulnerability scanning and penetration testing responsibilities. Global Digital Forensics offers solutions to help organizations stay on the right side of PCI compliance and substantially strengthen their overall cyber security posture in the process… March 28, 2015

Boston Bombing Trial Sets Sights on Digital Evidence

Earlier this week, the trial of Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev turned its gaze to digital evidence recovered from a multitude of computers and other digital devices. GDF’s founder talks about the important role electronic discovery plays in today’s legal landscape and the kinds of things investigators and attorneys can learn when forensics experts help unravel the secrets which can often be found in the realm of 1s and 0s… March 20, 2015

Application Security Too Often Overlooked on the Cyber Front

Web, mobile and cloud application vulnerabilities are exposing US cyber assets to serious security risks, claiming the top spot according to a recent article in Forbes. Global Digital Forensics can help organizations tame that still wild frontier with professional application security testing… March 14, 2015

Managing Cyber Risks a High Priority for Organizations Responsible for Protecting Healthcare Data

After the attack on Anthem Inc. made headlines in February this year, the repercussions are still being felt, and the healthcare and insurance industries have come under heavier scrutiny than ever. Global Digital Forensics offers solutions which can help organizations responsible for protecting healthcare data significantly reduce the risk of becoming the next national headline for all the wrong reasons… March 7, 2015

DIY Phishing and Malware Kits Make it Easy to Compromise Businesses in More Ways than One

A recent article in Forbes shined some light into the world of DIY phishing kits and how easy it can be for virtually anyone to become an effective phisher, one of the most effective tactics in a hacker’s arsenal. GDF’s founder talks about how covering cyber security basics can help keep an organization from becoming a victim, or an unwitting accomplice… February 28, 2015

Hackers Use Patience, Persistence and Patsies to Fleece Banks for Hundreds of Millions

Banks and other financial institutions will always hold special allure for hackers, and with the exposé published in The New York Times last week, it looks like at least one organized group of cyber criminals has had great success plying their trade against them. GDF’s founder talks about the importance of social engineering awareness and stresses the necessity to test for resident threats early and often to help guard against threats like these… February 21, 2015

Healthcare Providers and Insurers Can Expect Increased Cyber Security Scrutiny in Their Future

On the heels of the cyber attack on Anthem Inc., which saw its database breached to the tune of 80 million records, experts are speculating it is just the first headline-making salvo in what could be a tumultuous year on the cyber security front for healthcare providers and insurers. With states like New York moving forward with plans to turn up the heat on insurers, GDF’s founder talks about the importance of cyber vulnerability/risk assessments as the first critical step towards facing the scrutiny… February 14, 2015

RansomWeb Kicks the Problem of Ransomware Into a Whole New Gear

RansomWeb is a new ransomware variant that can hold an organization hostage by encrypting entire databases, putting their entire Web presence at risk and making it unusable until a hefty ransom is paid. GDF’s founder weighs in on the threat posed by ransomware and talks about the benefits of regular, professional testing in fighting sophisticated attacks like these… February 7, 2015

FBI Cyber Scam Warning: BEC Scams Cost Businesses $215 Million over 14 Months

The FBI recently issued a warning pertaining to a growing problem which is seeing businesses targeted by attackers using compromised email accounts as the springboard for diverting company funds meant for legitimate vendors. GDF’s founder weighs in on the warning and how social engineering testing can help raise user awareness against attacks like these, as well as other types of email based attacks… January 31, 2015

Report Shows Targeting Users a Steam-Gathering Trend for Hackers

Cisco’s annual security report was released this week, with one of its key highlights being the increasingly important role users play in the grand scheme of combating today’s cyber threats. GDF’s founder talks about some of the report findings and some of the ways professional vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can help bolster any organization’s cyber security posture… January 24, 2015

Accident Attorneys Should Leave No Phone Unturned in 2015

Distracted driving due to texting and the deadly consequences are on the rise, enough so that even the NTSB topped their 2015 wish list with the need to tackle the problem of electronic distractions while driving, so it’s only logical that accident attorneys will have more need than ever to collect and use data from mobile devices during litigation. Global Digital Forensics is now offering a mobile device Quick Analysis solution to make the initial process of collecting valuable data from mobile devices easy and affordable… January 17, 2015

Insider Cyber Threats are an Escalating Danger for Businesses

It was recently confirmed that an insider at Morgan Stanley exposed the account information of hundreds of their most wealthy clients, only to be discovered after posting the information online in an attempt to sell the information. With the potential devastation and losses these kinds of attacks can have on any business, GDF’s founder talks about insider threats and what organizations can do to protect their sensitive and vital digital assets… January 10, 2015

Better Cyber Security Should Be High on the Resolution List for Businesses in 2015

2014 saw some of the biggest data breaches in history, and on the heels of those successes, hackers will undoubtedly be trying to hit the ground running in 2015. The founder of Global Digital Forensics shares some industry insight into what businesses can do to start the New Year on a proven path to a stronger cyber security posture for the year ahead… January 3, 2015

Sony Pictures Hack Perfect Example of the Reach a Single Cyber Attack Can Have

The hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has caused a firestorm on many fronts for many people, from embarrassing communications coming to light, to exposing other sensitive information which could handicap them in their industry going forward. The founder of Global Digital Forensics lends some expert insight into how hackers can leverage a single attack into a multi-faceted assault and some things businesses can do to minimize that risk… December 20, 2014

It’s No Secret – This is the Trifecta Most Cyber Attackers Rely on to Hit it Big

From Target to Sony Entertainment, mega-breaches have been making headlines all year. On the heels of a revealing exposé recently aired on 60 Minutes, the founder of Global Digital Forensics offers some expert industry insight and commentary about some tangible and achievable security goals that every business plugged into the cyber threat landscape that is today’s digital world should consider to help avoid becoming the next big headline story… December 6, 2104

Holiday Phishing Can Pose Real Threat To Business Networks

The chaos surrounding the holidays can add effective cover for cybercriminals looking to do some holiday phishing, and as the lines between home and business computing continue to intertwine, this can prove costly for businesses both short and long term. The head of Global Digital Forensics offers some industry insight into how hackers can leverage the holidays to their advantage and some things businesses should consider during the holiday season for a stronger cyber security posture… November 28, 2014

Nothing Builds a Timeline for Attorneys on a Case like Digital Evidence

Timelines built using digital evidence can be an attorney’s best friend in cases ranging from lawsuits against mega-corporations, like the one that has now been filed in Arizona over an ignition switch recall by GM, to putting a child predator behind bars. In light of Arizona now being the first state of 48 currently investigating the recall to formalize their position by filing a 3 billion dollar lawsuit against GM, the head of Global Digital Forensics talks about the hidden advantages that can be gained from a thorough computer forensics analysis and the invaluable timelines that can be derived from the process in complex cases like these… November 22, 2014

Cyber Espionage Room Service – DarkHotel Hackers Target High Ranking Business Executives and Agency Officials

Business executives and government officials are being targeted by a hacker group dubbed DarkHotel, who use hotel Wi-Fi networks to orchestrate sophisticated cyber espionage campaigns, according to a recent report. GDF’s founder discusses how advanced threats like these can bring a compromise right to the doorstep of a corporate network and the importance of regular assessments and testing to keep long-term, highly advanced threats like these at bay… November 15, 2014

Targeted Cyber Attacks Expected to Rise in 2015

According to a new industry report, targeted attacks are expected to rise in 2015. GDF’s founder talks about the importance of covering the cyber security fundamentals necessary to withstand the onslaught, which will be more important than ever for any business with a digital footprint… November 8, 2014

Third Party Hacks Can Pose Significant Threat to Businesses, Just Look at the Fortune 500

According to a recent report, employees from 221 Fortune 500 companies had credentials exposed by third party hacks, which can leave corporate digital assets highly vulnerable to costly attacks. GDF’s founder talks about how hackers can use the information gathered from a successful attack on a third party to exploit business networks, and shares some keys to significantly improving an organization’s stance against this common problem… November 1, 2014

Another FBI Cyber Attack Warning for US Businesses

The FBI issued a warning this week to alert US businesses about hackers suspected to be affiliated with the Chinese government targeting “high-value” digital information from both commercial and governmental organizations. GDF’s founder highlights some of the security basics essential for protecting organizational digital assets on the cyber front from a wide array of threats… October 18, 2014

Cybercrime Insurance Industry Poised to Explode, But Danger Lurks

With mega-breaches of high profile retail and banking giants making so many headlines over the last year, interest in cybercrime insurance has intensified across the global business landscape, and the CEO of Lloyd’s of London said this week she expects that interest to surge even more. GDF’s founder discusses this burgeoning trend and offers some advice, and warnings, for businesses looking into taking the plunge… October 11, 2014

Disgruntled Employees Can Be Insider Cyber Threats Waiting to Happen, Warns FBI

The FBI recently issued a warning regarding the considerable threat disgruntled employees can pose to businesses by using their access privileges and knowledge of company networks to steal proprietary data and other IP (Intellectual Property), cause destruction and/or disrupt business operations. GDF’s founder discusses a two-pronged approach that can help businesses control insider threats like these… October 4, 2014

Survey Shows Cyber Emergency Response Plans Need to be Regularly Flexed to Stay Effective

The Ponemon Institute’s new survey shows improvement in some areas of emergency incident response, but also spotlights some big concerns that most businesses need to address for their response plans to be, and stay, effective. GDF’s founder weighs in on some of the results and talks about the importance of regular reviews and testing which are instrumental in keeping incident response measures up-to-date and potent… September 27, 2014

Don’t Let Data Breach Fatigue Cause Dangerous Cyber Security Complacency

With retail giant Home Depot finally putting numbers to the largest compromise of customer credit card information in history this week, and yet maintaining steady sales numbers this quarter and a positive growth forecast for next year, cyber security complacency can become a real danger. GDF’s founder discusses what the ugly side of a data breach can look like to businesses that are not giants in their respective industries and the importance of constant vigilance… September 22, 2014

Hacking Whales of the Retail World Can Start With Just One Little Phish

Make no mistake about it, retailers are at war on the cyber battlefield, and far too many are losing their battles every day, according to cyber security experts who live on the cyber front like Joe Caruso. With Home Depot recently confirming another retailer mega-breach, GDF’s founder sheds some light on how one of the most simple and common threats, phishing, can often be the culprit leading to the kinds of mega-breaches which can put the finances of tens of millions of customers at risk in one fell swoop, and why regular penetration testing with a focus on social engineering is so important in today’s digitally dominated marketplace… September 13, 2014

Are the Dominoes Starting to Fall After Historic Bounty of User Credentials Stolen?

When news surfaced last month that over 1.2 billion user credentials were stolen by an organized cybercrime group thought to be operating out of Russia, the dominoes were just starting get to lined up. The founder of Global Digital Forensics, Joe Caruso, talks about the recently reported attack on hosting provider Namecheap and why it should be considered a warning shot across the bow for any business depending on a secure network to function properly… September 6, 2014

Big Name Bank Hacks Highlight the Importance of Regular Testing and Effective Emergency Response

JPMorgan Chase & Co was one of the seven top-fifteen banks reported earlier this week to have recently suffered a cyber attack, which in their case allowed hackers to set up camp on their internal network for an extended stay without raising alarms, only to finally be discovered during routine security testing. Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, discusses some of the lessons businesses should take from this perfect example of today’s realities in the world of cyber threats, and the difference regular testing and effective emergency response can make for businesses to survive a breach and its aftermath… August 30, 2014

This Time Prominent Hospital Group Falls Prey to Hackers Believed to be Based in China

The diplomatic tension with China over cyber attacks may have just gotten another infusion of fire to deal with after it was reported earlier this week that one of the biggest hospital groups in the US was the victim of a data breach which yielded 4.5 million records containing Personally Identifiable Information. The founder of Global Digital Forensics discusses why healthcare organizations are prime targets for hackers, and why regularly testing for vulnerabilities and advanced malware is essential for this often targeted industry… August 23, 2014

Having an Effective Response Plan is Crucial After a Cyber Attack, but Survey Results Show Most Businesses Playing With Fire

The scales of time and money can seem hard to balance for many businesses when it comes to emergency cyber response plans, but the recent results from a survey conducted by the SANS Institute showing that only 9% of the businesses surveyed rate their cyber response plans as “very effective” is a real problem which could have far reaching consequences for those trusting luck to keep their sensitive ESI (Electronically Stored Information) and other digital assets safe. With time and money being listed as the primary factors keeping most of those surveyed from having effective response plans, Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, talks about how knowing where you stand in the world of cyber threats, pinpointing security weaknesses, developing a reliable response plan, and having emergency responders waiting in the wings, can cost far less time and money than many businesses think… August 16, 2014

With Russian Hackers Stealing over a Billion Credentials, Business Password Policies in the Spotlight

With recent reports about Russian hackers assembling the largest recorded cache of stolen user credentials in history, the vulnerabilities businesses could be exposed to warrant a close look at organizational password policies. Joe Caruso, founder of Global Digital Forensics, talks about the ramifications incidents like these can have on businesses, and how professional vulnerability assessments can sniff out weaknesses in password policies, procedures, compliance and more… August 9, 2014

Black Hat USA 2014 Will Again Stress Need for Security Basics with Glimpse of What May Lie Ahead

Black Hat has become the go-to convention where black hats and white hats collide, with hackers showing off their ingenuity and prowess by openly defeating popular security measures, and security professionals demonstrating all of their latest tools and methods in their never-ending battle to keep up. The founder of Global Digital Forensics discusses how covering cybersecurity basics and getting the right emergency incident response plans in place can keep organizations on point for whatever threats may lie ahead…August 2, 2014

Businesses the New Target for Nigeria’s 419 Cyber-Scammers

Nigeria has long been a hotbed for cyber scammers notorious for preying on individuals to steal funds using social engineering techniques, but according to a new report, now businesses are becoming their targets and data theft their objective. Global Digital Forensics’ founder talks about the importance of social engineering awareness for businesses, how that critical awareness can be raised, and why regular testing is vital… July 26,2014

From Cyber Security to eDiscovery, the Cloud Can Complicate Matters

Cloud computing has found its way into nearly every sector of industry, and with the challenges the very nature of “computing in the cloud” brings to the table for both IT security personnel and legal professionals, NIST released a draft report for public review and comment to drag some of those challenges into the light. The founder of Global Digital Forensics offers some industry insight into this burgeoning world of cloud computing and talks about some of the difficulties which businesses and counsel must consider before diving in head first… July 20,2014

Mobile Device Forensics Guidelines Play Key Role in Supreme Court’s Smartphone Evidence Warrant Decision

With smartphones playing an ever increasing part in the lifestyles of so many people in today’s technology driven world, the amount of private information they can contain can be staggering, from the uninteresting and mundane, to the potentially embarrassing or even incriminating. On the heels of the Supreme Court decision to require a warrant before law enforcement can search an individual’s smartphone, Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, discusses some types of information smartphones can contain and why it is so important for attorneys to know how to navigate the world of digital devices, or bring in someone who does… July 12, 2014

Financial Trojan EMOTET Uses Network Sniffing to Multiply its Misery

With just one member of an organization falling for the phishing scam that delivers the EMOTET Trojan, everyone and everything on the network they are connected to can be put at risk. Global Digital Forensics founder discusses what organizations can do to raise social engineering awareness to protect against these type of malware infiltrations, while at the same time helping to secure other critical aspects of their cyber security posture… July 5, 2014

Hackers Target Critical Infrastructure SCADA Systems with Havex Trojan

The Department of Homeland Security issued an alert regarding a remote access Trojan called Havex that is being used to target Industrial Control Systems. Global Digital Forensics’ founder offers some industry insight into how malware like Havex is introduced to a network and the importance of taking the time to check into the cyber security posture of vendors and other “trusted” business relationships which could become a gateway for attackers… June 28, 2014

When Litigation Involves Digital Evidence, Forensic Readiness Can Play a Crucial Role

Three months ago, the California State Bar Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct released a formal opinion for a 90 day public comment distribution aimed to set some more concrete standards relating to an attorney’s obligations under the ethical duty of competence regarding Electronically Stored Information and Electronic Discovery. With the public comment period coming to a close on June 24th, 2014, Global Digital Forensics’ founder discusses how forensic readiness can help both attorneys and businesses be ready for the courts when litigation involves digital evidence… June 21, 2014

The Covert Devaluation of US Businesses – Hackers Getting Their Hands on Intellectual Property Proving Costly

The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently released a report estimating the cost of cybercrime and how it has been affecting economies and businesses around the world, evaluating everything from direct theft of funds, to the much harder to gauge ramifications on business due to things like the loss of Intellectual Property, as well as the effect on employment. Drawing on years of experience and some of the conclusions relayed in the report, GDF’s founder talks about how businesses can be devalued without anyone, from those running businesses, to those investing in them, even knowing it’s happening… June 14, 2014

Hacking Power Squared – Scary Details on Big Botnet Takedowns Coming to Light

Massive financial fraud, data for ransom and other sophisticated attacks are par for the course when it comes to giant botnets, and as details trickle in about some of the biggest botnet takedowns ever, US businesses better take notice. GDF’s founder discusses some of these newest revelations and the importance for organizations to undergo regular in-depth testing and to have sound emergency response plans in place… June 7, 2014

Iranian Hackers Grow Up – Use Social Networking Sites for a Little Revenge After Stuxnet Lesson

As the Iranian cyber espionage attack called Newscaster is exposed, the power of social engineering again steps into the spotlight. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, discusses the lessons US businesses should take from this type of attack, and the necessity to raise social engineering awareness at every level within an organization to improve cyber security posture… May 31, 2014

Another Giant Falls – eBay Hack Exposes Personal Information of Up To 145 Million Users

Once again, a corporate behemoth found itself making headlines for all the wrong reasons this week when it came to light that eBay had been successfully hacked about a month ago and up to 145 million users had their personal information exposed in one of the largest data breaches in history. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, sheds some light on how these mega breaches keep happening and discusses the costly fallout that can accompany data breaches of any magnitude, as well as some steps companies can take to better protect themselves… May 24, 2014

Are Your Cyber Security Measures “Doomed to Failure?” If Social Engineering Isn’t a Prime Concern, They Most Likely Are

When antivirus software giants like Symantec publicly throw their hands in the air and say the industry is “dead” and “doomed to failure,” it’s time for change… May 13, 2014

Social Engineering Awareness Crucial to Survive Today’s Cyber Threats

If it wasn’t stressful enough to always be worrying about hackers coming after you from the darkest corners of the digital world to steal, destroy or hold your data hostage, now you have to worry about whether or not you are actually seeking them out in broad daylight… May 2, 2014

Hackers Hit Businesses Where it Hurts Most – The Bottom Line

Massive data breaches, crippling ransomware, watering hole attacks, more sophisticated threats and the improving social engineering skills of hackers were all par for the course last year, according to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Report released earlier this month… April 24, 2014

Cyber Security Tips & Advice for Safer Travels

GDF offers some cyber safety tips and advice for when traveling to help keep your sensitive information and personal devices safe from looming threats… April 8, 2014

Prominent Law Firm Used as Watering Hole to Launch Attack on Energy Sector Targets

A law firm that works with the energy sector became the watering hole hackers used to launch attacks against other industry targets. Today we’ll have a look at how it all came together and how to help avoid becoming the source of major headaches in the industries you deal with… March 21, 2014

Last Month to File Taxes – Beware of Cybercrime

Just imagine finding out someone else already filed your tax return, in your name, and already received your refund, or that your bank account is now empty, or your identity has been stolen and credit cards are out there being used by a stranger under your name – it’s the stuff of nightmares. But there are things you can do to help protect yourself… March 15, 2014

Is it a Rogue Hacker, or a Competitor Really Behind that Cyber Attack?

Cybercrime is a an unfortunate reality every organization has to deal with in today’s digital world. But many may be shocked to learn who may really be the wizard behind the curtain, pulling the levers that launch a cyber attack… March 6, 2014

Lawyers and Law Firms Prime Targets for Hackers

There are three unquestioned sanctums of confidentiality that everyone is familiar with; a confessional, a doctor’s office, and a law office. But how do they stack up in today’s world of cybercrime and data theft?… February 27, 2014

Watering Hole Attacks Show Hackers for the Cunning Predators They Are

Hackers know brute force attacks are becoming increasingly difficult when their aim is to target a specific organization or industry, so sometimes they go old-school – very old school – as in the watering hole attack…February 20,2014

POS Systems, Malware and XP Converging to Form a Perfect Storm for Retailers in 2014

2013 was a harsh reality check for many retailers. POS (Point of Sale) system hacks on Target, Neimen Marcus, Michaels and a host of retailers across at least 11 countries made for scary headlines to close out the year. The big question now is, what does it all mean for retailers in 2014? The answer is, a real storm is brewing… February 13. 2014

Cyber Security -Threat Trends to Watch in 2014

Our team at Global Digital Forensics thought it would be a good time to look at some of the threat trends poised to make noise in 2014. Because when it comes to cyber security, what you don’t know can hurt you… February 4, 2014

Smart Appliances and Other SPPDs Hacked

Is there Spam in your refrigerator? If so, you better hope it comes from Hormel Foods, because it finally happened: the first confirmed report of a smart refrigerator involved in sending malicious spam emails… January 28, 2014

Target Already Feeling the Aftermath

2013 roared to a close on the strength of one of the biggest data breaches in history, leaving tens of millions Target customers left frustrated, anxious and angry in its wake… January 21, 2014

Hack Gives Snapchat a Black Eye on Privacy

On the heels of a cyber attack that exposed the usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million Snapchat users, Joe Caruso, founder of Global Digital Forensics, lends some industry insight into the dilemma faced by so many businesses today, which was perfectly summed up in a few words by Snapchat’s CEO that should reverberate with every business heading into 2014… January 7, 2014

Bah Humbug! Hack on Target Could Scrooge-Over 40 Million Holiday Shoppers

Target made headlines during this holiday season, but it wasn’t about record sales and profits, it was about losing control of the personal credit card data of up to 40 million of its holiday shoppers. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, discusses the impact of these types of breaches, how they happen, and some steps organizations can take to help stay away from making headlines for all the wrong reasons… December 21, 2013

You Dirty RATs (Remote Access Trojans) – Regular Testing Essential to Stop Hacker Access

Remote Access Trojans can give hackers external access to compromised systems and networks. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, discusses what this type of malware does, the importance of regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and the new Data Breach Response Toolkit from Global Digital Forensics, which gives IT security personnel the power to finally find and eliminate this type of dangerous and stealthy threat like never before… December 7, 2013

The Holiday Season Means Phishing Season for Hackers

Unbelievable deals, season’s greetings and all those extra holiday purchases make this one of the most effective times of the year for hackers to sneak phishing emails and other social engineering attempts under the radar amidst all the holiday bedlam. Global Digital Forensics will have emergency incident responders on call 24/7 throughout the holiday season to professionally assist organizations that find themselves the victim of data breaches, intrusions and malware infections, without any costly delays… November 23, 2013

Zero-Day Attacks Among the Most Costly and Feared Hacker Tools for a Reason

When a zero-day exploit is successfully leveraged by hackers, the consequences can have far reaching effects, especially when they targeted flaw is in a popular program like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, like the ones just recently patched. Unlike traditional antimalware solutions, the new Data Breach Response Toolkit (DBRT) by Global Digital Forensics gives IT security personnel the ability to identify and remediate threats like these without relying on an already known and documented signature… November 16, 2013

7 Simple Tips to Prevent Malware Infections

Our experts have 7 things you can do right now to make your systems safer.
November 14, 2013


The current generation of viruses, trojan, rootkits and other malware pose threats that require new solutions from software companies.
November 14, 2013

Malware Evolution: New Ransomware Variants Like CryptoLocker Cost Users Some Serious (Bit)Coin

Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, weighs in on a spreading variant of ransomware that has IT security circles buzzing. CryptoLocker “kidnaps” a victim’s data by encrypting it and demands a hefty ransom for its safe return (maybe)… November 9, 2013

Is badBIOS a Cyber Security Game-Changer?

Joe Caruso, GDF’s founder and CEO/CTO, discusses badBIOS, a unique malware threat that may have the ability to bridge air-gaps and send data packets between systems on both sides. The industry verdict isn’t in quite yet, but it is some serious food for thought about a situation that could have detrimental impact going forward… November 1, 2013

Global Survey Shows Personal Mobile Computing Devices Growing Into a Major Cyber Security Concern

A global survey released by Fortinet recently should sound alarm bells for any organization at all concerned with the protection of digital assets and data. Joe Caruso, the founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, discusses the potential real-world impact the growing wave of personal computing devices in the workplace can have on any organization, well substantiated by the eye-popping numbers revealed in the survey, and the importance of performing up-to-date penetration testing and network vulnerability assessments regularly… October 26, 2013

Video Surveillance for Your Network – the C-All Network Activity Monitor/Recorder Demo Now Available

Insider access being misused can put any organization into a very costly and damaging situation fast. The C-All Network Activity Monitor|Recorder by Global Digital Forensics is designed to help combat those ever-elusive insider threats, and after receiving numerous requests, a 30 day trial demo is now available for download through GDF… October 19, 2013

The Next Generation of Cyber Security – GDF’s New Data Breach Response Toolkit (DBRT)

With hacks on financial institutions, design companies, data brokers, news agencies and other world famous organizations routinely showing up in national headline stories, it’s safe to say big changes are long overdue on the cyber security frontier. Global Digital Forensics today is unveiling the new Data Breach Response Toolkit, a proactive solution to help fight the most advanced and sophisticated malware threats in existence today… October 12, 2013

Major Data Brokers Getting Hacked More Proof It’s Time to Embrace Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions

According to a Reuters report earlier this week, cyber criminals have once again scored big by hacking three major data brokers, resulting in some serious privacy questions for countless customers and once again proving that the “fundamental approach to cyber security must finally change,” according to Joe Caruso, the founder of Global Digital Forensics, a premier provider of computer forensics services and cyber security solutions for all of the 21st century… September 28, 2013

Targets of Opportunity Still Hackers’ Best Friends, With Some New Twists, Mid-Year 2013 ENISA Report Shows

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) Threat Landscape, Mid-year 2013 report published last week was more confirmation that while the cyber threats which dominated the threat landscape in 2012 are still chart-toppers so far in 2013, hacker tactics and delivery methods continue to evolve. Joe Caruso, Founder and CEO/TO od Global Digital Forensics discusses the report and the increasing need for regular network vulnerability assessments to stay ahead of the latest trends in the world of cyber crime… September 25, 2013

Access Built In – Unsupported Software Like Java 6 Gives Hackers a Big Edge

When a piece of software is popular, that means billions of devices are running it. But when those same popular programs get old enough to fall of the support schedule from their respective manufacturers, it can be a real nightmare from a cyber security perspective,and the number of users that vulnerabilities in these “older versions” can affect can be almost beyond comprehension, making regular network vulnerability assessments and professional penetration testing more important than ever… September 17, 2013

Finally Control Insider Threats and Digital Assets With GDF’s New C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder

From world changing events like the historic and unprecedented leaks of classified information by Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, to an employee stealing data or involved in malicious subterfuge, insider threats are a costly force to be reckoned with. To shift the balance of power back into the hands it should be in, Global Digital Forensics has launched the new C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder… September 5, 2013

The Legal Community has Become Part of the Cyber Security Equation, “But Don’t Run Before You Can Walk,” says Global Digital Forensics Founder

There is no doubt that successful cyber attacks can have substantial legal repercussions on victimized organizations, and that fact alone gives legal counsel, whether in-house or sourced from outside, an important seat at the table when cyber security lands in the spotlight of litigation. But, “Having a seat at the cyber security table and being at the head of the table are two very different things in our dangerous digital world,” says Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, responding to a recent industry article in Corporate Counsel… August 23, 2013

In Another Recent Display of Cyber Politics, SEA Hackers Take on The Washington Post and Others

In a news story that broke late last week, the Syrian Electronic Army apparently flexed some cyber-muscle by redirecting The Washington Post’s Web traffic to an alternate site to make a political point. Joe Caruso, CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, talks about just how damaging an attack like this could be for an organization if leveraged for a different endgame, and some of the essential cyber security basics that can help defend against many of these types of attacks… August 19, 2013

Fraud and Theft are Just Part of the Cyber Security Equation With the Myriad of Cyber Threats Financial Institutions Face Today

When it comes to landing in the crosshairs of cyber attackers, financial institutions have always proven to be tantalizing targets, and as a recent article in the Financial News revealed, it hasn’t changed. But, “Individuals or groups trying to get their hands on some actual cash are not the only threats on the radar, destruction and incapacitation attacks have become real migraine-makers for financial institutions as hacktivists and cyber warriors target their foundation and stability to achieve their goals,” says Bob Knudsen, Northeast Regional Manager for Global Digital Forensics (GDF) while discussing how GDF can help… August 12, 2013

Last Week’s Hacker Conventions Showcased the Acceleration of New Threat Vectors & Cyber Vulnerabilities

The two biggest hacker conferences of the year roared at full pitch last week in Las Vegas, DEF CON 21 and Black Hat, and if there was one theme on display that should re-energize the fear factor concerning cyber security, it’s this; “The more we allow our everyday lives to interface with and rely on technology, the more at risk to outside forces we inevitably become, especially where yesterday’s technologies meet today’s threats,” says Bob Knudsen, Northeast Regional Manager for Global Digital Forensics… August 6, 2013

Universities Struggling to Protect Digital Information From Escalating Onslaught of Cyber Attacks

All great advancements start with an idea, and US universities are renowned and essential breeding grounds for those world changing ideas. “Cyber warriors from foreign nations and criminal hackers alike understand this too, and they are relentlessly targeting these institutions of higher learning to take the short road to developing these ideas for their own ends,” says the Northeast Regional Manager of Global Digital Forensics… July 26, 2013

Hackers’ Black Market Profiting at the Expense of US Businesses, Institutions, Agencies and Individuals Alike

Many businesses simply don’t realize, or refuse to accept, just how stacked against them the deck really is on digital frontier, but a recent New York Times article shines some light into those dark corners of the digital landscape that no one wants to imagine are even there. Exposing new weaknesses, or zero day attacks, is big business in the hacker underworld, “and the ripple effect can have devastating consequences for any business, institution or agency out there,” says Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics… July 18, 2013

Spear Phishers Can Wreak Havoc on Any Business at Any Time – Survival is All About Awareness and Response

With McAfee releasing its report on Operation Troy and the Dark Seoul cyber attacks last week, the spotlight once again falls on the spear phishing threats businesses face every day. Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO/CTO, Joe Caruso, talks about the mechanics of a spear phishing campaign and some steps that can be taken to combat the threat… July 15, 2013

Caught in Cyberwar Crossfire, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Must Stay Alert

While the spotlight often falls on cyber attacks targeting the energy and financial sectors, small and medium-sized business are under assault too. The founder and CEO of Global Digital Forensics sheds some light on the realities of the cyber battleground everyone shares, and stresses the importance of regular cyber threat assessments in the constantly evolving world of cyber threats… July 8, 2013

Botnets Are Big Business in the Hacker World and Are Costing US Businesses Plenty Every Day

With Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit and the FBI liberating over 2 million PCs earlier this month from a cyber-crime ring using them as a botnet believed to be responsible for siphoning over $500 million from bank accounts across the globe, there can be no doubt that botnets and organized cyber crime continue to exact a high toll on businesses everywhere. Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, discusses how botnets are created and used, and what steps businesses should take to survive the onslaught… June 27, 2013

Report Confirms Effective Cyber Emergency Response Plan is Vital to Slash Data Breach Costs

Today’s global economy is certainly a profit driven engine, but it’s also an engine firmly rooted in the digital world. Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, talks about Symantec’s recent industry study on the cost of data breaches, focusing on one of the main points made that directly relates to the holy grail of business today, the bottom line… June 10, 2013

Murder Case Shows the Heavy Impact Digital Evidence and eDiscovery Can Have on a Trial

Prosecuting attorneys in a murder case were dealt a major blow recently when a computer forensics expert forensically extracted emails from a copy of the victim’s work computer drive that had been locked away in a cabinet in the Durham Police Department since 2005, which only surfaced last week. Global Digital Forensics provides professional electronic discovery (eDiscovery) consulting and services to help legal professionals eliminate avoidable cyber surprises and most effectively leverage the full power of digital evidence… May 28, 2013

Recently Exposed Cyber Attacks Show Hackers Scoring Huge Victories in Critical US Sectors

From a long term cyber espionage campaign against a powerful US defense contractor, to a cash heist rivaling the largest in history, cyber attackers seem to be having their way with critical US industries according to recent headline stories. Global Digital Forensics specializes in helping organizations establish successful and current E-Defense systems to combat the ever evolving threats posed by cyber attackers… May 14, 2013

Dam it! Chinese Hackers Tangling with US Infrastructure Again?

According to a recent report, Chinese hackers just got their hands on some valuable information about weaknesses in the US infrastructure. Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, took some time to talk about these kinds of vulnerabilities, how attackers target and compromise SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, long known to be a serious risk, and some steps that can be taken to mitigate that risk… May 7, 2013

Before Focusing on Advanced Cyber Threats, US Businesses Better Have Their Cyber Security Basics Well Covered

Protecting an organization’s ESI (Electronically Stored Information) from sophisticated and advanced cyber threats can seem like a daunting mountain to climb, but according to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, US businesses need to spend a lot more time handling the simple threats first. Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO, Joe Caruso, weighs in on the report and the importance having at least the basics of cyber security very well covered before concentrating on the high end of the spectrum… May 2, 2013

Global Digital Forensics Founder Discusses Cyber Security Tips for Businesses on Code Red! Interview

Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO, Joe Caruso, joined the Code Red! radio show last week to talk about cyber security issues facing businesses today and offers some tips to help them survive some of the most common cyber assaults. Guest also featured later during this episode, discussing the Boston marathon bombings, are Terry Turchie, Former Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, and former FBI Special Agent Kathleen Puckett, PhD, who is also a founding member of the FBI National Security Division’s Behavior Analysis Program (BAP)… April 23,2013

Flood of Digital Evidence Unprecedented in Manhunt for Boston Marathon Bomber(s)

The time it took for the national tragedy to unfold at the Boston Marathon on Monday could be counted in mere seconds, and the time it took for the horrors of that day to start circulating on the Internet in shocking detail took only a handful of minutes after that. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, talks about how investigators harness the power of digital evidence to get to the truth… April 18, 2013

Businesses Face a Storm of Anger and Distrust When Customer Data is Breached, and That’s Never a Recipe for Success

The aftereffects of a successful cyber intrusion or data breach can impact a business on many fronts, but angered customers and lost trust can prove to be the most serious and longest lasting consequences of them all. Global Digital Forensics helps businesses protect their most important cyber assets with proven solutions to not only significantly improve their overall cyber security posture, but also provide around-the-clock cyber emergency incident response services to help them quickly gain control of any cyber event before it turns into a public relations firestorm… April 12, 2013

The “Biggest Cyber Attack in History” May Not Have Broken the Internet, This Time, But DDoS Attacks can Break a Business

An ongoing spat between Spamhaus and Cyberbunker exploded recently into a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack so large it had many major news outlets declaring it possibly the largest cyber attack in history. Global Digital Forensics offers businesses DDoS protection solutions to combat the growing threat of DDoS attacks and keep them from becoming another casualty on the cyber battleground… April 5, 2013

With Damages Averaging Over Six Million Dollars per Data Breach, Even One Successful Cyber Attack on a Small Business Could Spell the End

Eye-opening numbers based on a recent study conducted by the U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee on Health and Technology tell a story every small business owner in this digital era should consider; the true costs of a successful data breach can sting a company on many fronts, and for small businesses especially, the sting could very well prove fatal. Global Digital Forensics offers small businesses big-league cyber security services, from penetration testing and cyber threat assessments, to emergency incident response services which can help businesses of any size stay standing on the today’s cyber battlefield… March 28, 2013

When a Cyber Attack Occurs, the Key to Surviving the Attack, and the Aftermath, is All in How a Business Responds

Even with the best laid cyber security plans in force, absolute security can never be guaranteed, making emergency incident response a vital component to survival on the digital frontier. Global Digital Forensics is now offering clients a way to have professional cyber emergency incident responders, already familiar with their unique needs and digital architecture, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to help remediate any successful cyber attack, without the client incurring any costs if all stays quite on the cyber front… March 21, 2013

Smartphones and Tablets Changing the Face of Business, From Cyber Security to eDiscovery

With the market for smartphones and tablets continuing to explode, and business increasingly relying on them to increase convenience and productivity, it has never been more important to make sure they are part of an organization’s cyber security picture, as well as fully considered for any matter requiring electronic discovery. Global Digital Forensics stands ready with cyber security and eDiscovery solutions updated for 2013 to assist clients on both fronts… March 13, 2013

Cyber Espionage, National Security … Murder? Computer Forensics May Offer the Best Chance to Find the Truth

When it comes to unraveling a mystery today, chances are some of the answers, if not all, will be found in digital form. So when a suspicious suicide leads to accusations of a heinous crime like murder, all wrapped up in things like cyber espionage, intellectual property theft, digital suicide notes and all the other critical digital evidence that goes with it – “it’s no wonder it was digital evidence that really changed the complexion of the story involving Shane Todd’s mysterious suicide in Singapore,” says GDF founder Joe Caruso… March 8, 2013

From Power Plants to Oil Rigs, Critical US Infrastructure Taking A Beating from USB Delivered Cyber Attacks – GDF’s Penetration Testing Helps Expose those Kinds of Weak Links in Cyber Security

USB sticks can be convenient and practical for many things, but they can also be a devastatingly effective way for attackers to bypass cyber security measures on segmented or non-Internet facing networks. Global Digital Forensics offers comprehensive cyber threat assessments and penetration testing with a strong focus on identifying cyber threat vectors like susceptibility to USB stick malware, cross-device delivery and social engineering vulnerabilities… March 4, 2013

Shanghaied Cyber-Style? Some Real Evidence of Chinese Involvement in US Cyber Attacks Starting to Mount

Most of the time organizations like to stay as hush-hush as possible when it comes to being the victim of a cyber attack, but sometimes, the victim has the weaponry to send a salvo of their own in retaliation, as is the case with The New York Times and their global megaphone. To Global Digital Forensics founder, Joe Caruso, “This type of high profile exposé should be a lesson that every US organization with a digital presence should not only take to heart, but take action on as well.”… February 22, 2013

Money and Power? Hackers Breach the Fed and the D.O.E, but for a Different Target – PII is Treasure Too, says Global Digital Forensics Founder

Digital assets take many forms; and while corporate secrets, intellectual property and electronic currency are tantalizing targets for hackers, it’s often information about people they are after, as the slew of recent high-profile hacks demonstrate. The founder of Global Digital Forensics sheds a little light on why this information is so valuable to hackers and some of the fundamentals crucial to every business or organization in today’s digital age to protect it… February 12, 2013

Red Alert! The NYT and Other Media Goliaths aren’t the Only Ones Being Hacked By Foreign Entities – Global Digital Forensics Cyber Threat Solutions Help Identify and Reduce the Risk

While media outlets can be a veritable goldmine of sensitive information for hackers to target, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to daily cyber threats like intrusions, cyber espionage and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Cyber threat assessments, penetration testing and other cyber security solutions offered by Global Digital Forensics help clients substantially fortify their cyber security posture to combat these types of threats and more… February 6, 2013

From Fines, Sanctions and Judgments, to Client Trust and Business Integrity, A Forensic Readiness Assessment by Global Digital Forensics Helps Businesses Protect their Interests and their Bottom Line when a Matter Arises Involving Digital Assets

With Sony being levied a hefty fine last week by UK regulators for a data breach incident which occurred over a year and a half ago, it’s a present day example of just how serious and long lasting the legal ramifications can be when digital information is at the center of the storm. Whether it’s an intrusion event like a data breach, or any other legal matter requiring ESI (Electronically Stored Information) to be used as evidence during the electronic discovery (eDiscovery) process of litigation, a Global Digital Forensics Forensic Readiness Assessment helps clients develop an incident-to-conclusion “roadmap” designed to put an effective and streamlined plan in place which can be quickly and efficiently executed should a cyber-matter demand it… January 31, 2013

Botnets Turn Victims of Cyber Crime into Unknowing Accomplices – A Global Digital Forensics Deep Analysis for Trojans and Rootkits Helps Clients Break those Ties that Bind

Botnets are large networks of systems or devices which have had their system security compromised and in turn can be used to do the cyber-bidding of an outside attacker, almost always without the system’s or device’s user ever even knowing it’s going on. Global Digital Forensics offers clients deep analysis malware testing to help uncover and eradicate the underlying Trojans and rootkits that let hackers enslave their many victims… January 25, 2013

One USB Stick Infected with Malware, Plus One Power Plant, Can Equal Big Problems for Everyone – Global Digital Forensics Helps Clients Spot and Rectify These Types of Cyber Security Weaknesses

From the famous Stuxnet cyber attack which crippled the Iranian nuclear program in 2010, to the recently released reports about 2 US power plants being infected by malware, USB stick delivery has again proven to be a highly effective way to not only help hackers infiltrate corporate networks, but also jump the “air gap” to internal networks and industrial control systems not even connected to the outside world. Global Digital Forensics offers a tailored social engineering testing component, with USB malware delivery in mind, as part of its comprehensive penetration testing and cyber threat assessments… January 21, 2013

Operation Red October Offers More Proof Cyber Espionage is Alive and Well – Global Digital Forensics Helps Clients Protect Digital Assets, Intellectual Property and Other Electronic Secrets

The days when spies needed to break into highly secure areas to snap pictures of secret files in a dark room with a miniature camera have become another 20th century relic collecting dust, because today, companies’ fortunes rise and fall on how well secrets living in digital form can be kept. Global Digital Forensics offers newly updated testing and solutions designed to help clients navigate the cyber warfare and cyber espionage battlefields of 2013… January 16, 2013

The Hefty Price Tag of Being Hacked Takes Many Forms – Penetration Testing and Cyber Threat Assessments By Global Digital Forensics, Updated for 2013, Help Combat The Threats

Just like advancements in medicine and technology, the world of cyber threats never stops evolving. Global Digital Forensics has spent the last two decades evolving with it and offers penetration testing and cyber threat assessments newly updated for 2013 to help hospitals, banks, or any other type of businesses relying on digital information, to not only thwart as many threats as possible, but also help reduce the costly aftermath should a cyber-attack still manage to find its mark… January 11, 2012

Lanza’s Destroyed Hard Drive Perfect Example of eDiscovery Challenges 2013 Will Bring – Global Digital Forensics Poised to Help Law Firms and Investigators Meet Them

With 2012 now in the books, focus shifts to the challenges 2013 will have in store for law firms and cyber investigators dealing with digital evidence. The founder of Global Digital Forensics shares some industry insight into burgeoning trends which can be expected to make up a bigger piece of the pie in 2013 and how they’ll affect the eDiscovery arena going forward… January 8, 2013

Social Networking, Cloud Computing, Smartphones and Tablets will Take Center Stage in 2013, says Global Digital Forensics Founder

From banking to staying in touch and almost everything in between, being plugged into the digital world, for many, is not only about personal convenience anymore, it has become an integral part of daily business functions as well. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics (GDF), took some time to discuss how he sees 2013 shaping up on the cyber frontier and how GDF will be positioned to serve client needs in the cyber security, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and computer forensics arenas as the new year unfolds… December 18, 2012

Time to Get Ready for the 2013 Cyber Threat Landscape – GDF Offers Gratis Initial Consultation to Help Identify and Fortify Cyber Security Weaknesses

When convenience is served through digital information, vulnerabilities will always inherently exist, and with the continuous onslaught of the “latest and greatest” digital conveniences pushing the envelope to new limits every day, hackers will try to leverage every new opportunity to disrupt, embarrass and steal from their victims as they always have. As businesses gear up to face the 2013 cyber-threat landscape, Global Digital Forensics (GDF) is offering a gratis two hour consultation with experienced cyber security specialists for the rest of 2012 to help clients devise and deploy a cyber security plan to adequately meet their unique and specific needs… December 14, 2012

A Smartphone can be Smarter than you Think, Just Ask John MacAfee. GDF’s Founder Takes on Questions to Shed Some Light on Location Tracking Devices

In light of the recent story about the manhunt for John MacAfee coming to a close on Tuesday due to his exact GPS coordinates being exposed by a hacker from a picture posted online, Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, sheds some light on how it happened and just how “smart” some of the devices people carry around every day have become, and how computer forensics professionals can help make sense of it all… December 7, 2012

Relying Solely on Segmented Infrastructure and SCADA Systems can Lead to Unmonitored Risk. Find the Trouble Spots with GDF’s Improved E-DEFENSE Solutions

When it comes to critical digital assets, physically segmenting systems can offer increased protection from unwanted intruders, but may not be enough in this ever advancing age of cyber warfare, hacktivism and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Global Digital Forensics has recently updated its E-DEFENSE offerings to include a crucial social engineering testing component as part of a full penetration test and digital threat assessment to help expose the weak links, even in segmented systems often thought to be “completely secure”… December 6, 2012

The Grinch with a Keyboard – Digital Assets Like Confidential Client Data and Intellectual Property Falling into Hacker Hands Can Really Spoil the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season is in full swing, with long lines, short tempers and other assorted mayhem once again being par for the course. And in today’s digital world, that means opportunistic hackers are drafting their wish lists too, intent on leveraging every ounce of holiday chaos they can to breach cyber defenses and access digital assets which will help them steal from, disrupt and/or embarrass any target they can find. To help businesses keep their holiday plans on track, Global Digital Forensics will have certified and experienced emergency incident response teams on call 24/7 throughout the holiday season to respond to any cyber emergency, from intrusions and data breaches, to DDoS disruptions and virus/malware attacks. GDF’s founder and CEO/CTO also offers a few tips on things to watch out for… November 29, 2012

Watch what you say in electronic era

In the aftermath of the Petraeus email scandal, Chicago Tribune reporter, Lisa Black, interviews Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO/CTO, Joe Caruso, among others, to give some professional insight into the dangers of communicating in the digital era… November 20, 2012

The Human Element is Often the Weakest Link – Improve Cyber Security Posture with GDF’s Social Engineering Testing and Training

Cyber security is becoming a hotter topic every day as huge data breaches, high profile intrusions and even cyber warfare continue to make headlines. As corporations direct larger amounts of resources to the cyber front in a struggle to get a handle on these ever-evolving games of cat-and-mouse, one crucial element often goes without the full attention it deserves – susceptibility to social engineering – the human element. To help businesses and corporations substantially improve their cyber security posture by addressing this serious risk, Global Digital Forensics has recently upgraded the social engineering testing phase of its trusted cyber penetration testing program to meet today’s newest challenges head on. Customized social engineering training for employees has now also been added as a new offering, available as a component to a full penetration test… November 15, 2012

Cyber Assets and Critical Data Feared Lost to Superstorm Sandy Can be Catastrophic for Businesses, But Don’t Lose Hope, GDF Can Assist in Recovery

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, many businesses and residents along the east coast, especially New York and New Jersey, have found digital equipment that they require to run their business, meet regulatory compliance or meet daily business needs, has fallen victim to nature’s wrath. But all may not be lost. Global Digital Forensics has the trained personnel to recover physical cyber assets from hostile environments, such as HAZMAT areas, or areas where the threat of violence or physical harm is a reality, as well as the state-of-the-art labs and experienced specialists that can help actually recover the data after the assets have been acquired… November 7, 2012

In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Hackers Hope the Phishing is Good

After a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, there will undoubtedly be a considerable uptick in phishing attempts made by hackers using the aftermath of the storm for cover. In the event a successful intrusion or malicious software attack manages to find its way in due to a clever phishing email playing on the chaos, immediate, professional emergency incident response can substantially reduce both the short-term and long-term damages which can result. To help combat the impending “after-storm,” Global Digital Forensics will have emergency incident response teams available 24/7 daily for immediate help in the event of a successful cyber intrusion, data breach or malware infection… November 1, 2012

Federal Agencies, Education and Healthcare Institutions Dealing with Escalating Threat of Cyber Intrusions and Data Breaches in 2012

While businesses top the charts as targets for cyber intrusions and data breaches, the runners-up for such unwanted honors are quietly putting the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of millions at risk at an alarming rate, much to the pleasure of unscrupulous cyber intruders more than willing to mine that sensitive information to pursue agendas ranging from being simple nuisances, to full blown identity theft. Global Digital Forensics is helping clients respond to these threats with newly updated threat assessment, regulatory compliance and cyber emergency response offerings for federal agencies, colleges and universities, as well as healthcare institutions, putting almost two decades of real-world cyber security experience in heavily regulated industries front and center to protect these important digital assets and avoid the costly aftermath of cyber attacks… October 23, 2012

Cases are Won with “Smoking Gun” Emails Every Day, But Many More Could Be With Email Forensics Professionals on the Hunt

In an evolving technological world, things can change fast. But one thing that remains a relative constant is reliance on email as a primary form of correspondence. And because of that fact, successfully identifying and acquiring email evidence which can make or break a case is often priority one once the quest for relevant evidence begins. Knowing they exist is one thing, finding them and proving they exist in a sound forensic manner is quite another. Add to the mix the proliferation of Webmail and mobile devices, and the trail can quickly get complicated. Global Digital Forensics experts have successfully sniffed out smoking gun emails integral to both criminal and civil cases for lawyers, law firms and legal departments for cases ranging from simple matrimony disputes, to Fortune 100 companies waging war… October 10, 2012

Are National Infrastructure and Industrial Companies Doing Enough to Protect Against Cyber Threats? White House Push Coming Soon

As a nation, there has always been a profound trust placed in national infrastructure and industrial companies. Most people don’t spend a second of their day thinking about the “what ifs” that could unfold if some of the resources under their control were to be taken over by entities with a sinister objective. The White House is crafting an executive order which may not have the teeth to force these types of companies to put cyber security on the front burner, but at the very least it is going to shine a spotlight on the problem and, with luck, put the onus on these companies to really get their cyber house in order. Global Digital Forensics is now offering comprehensive cyber threat assessments with an added focus on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems which are commonly used for industrial control… October 3, 2012

Banks and Other Financial Institutions are Facing Cyber Threats on More Fronts than Ever

As the narrowly averted “second great depression” taught us in 2008, the chaos which can be caused when banks and other financial institutions fail to operate properly can have ramifications severe enough to not only affect the entire nation, but the entire globe as well. Events making national news headlines last week (and still this week) about hackers reportedly causing mayhem for some of the most recognized financial institutions in the country should be taken as a warning shot across the bow for any institution with roots in our monetary system. To help banks and financial institutions of all sizes strengthen their cyber security posture and deal with the plethora of cyber threats that have recently hit a fever pitch, Global Digital Forensics is currently offering … September 25, 2012

Mobile Devices are Important Sources of Digital Evidence That Can No Longer be Overlooked

Mobile devices can hold a wealth of information. When this is coupled with the ever increasing reliance on the mobile technologies that help users stay connected to friends, family and work, simple logic dictates that digital evidence from mobile devices can often hold evidence crucial to a wide array of matters. At the beginning of summer, Global Digital Forensics started a new flat-rate mobile device forensics plan as an introductory offer for a limited time. Due to its rousing success and feedback from satisfied customers, Global Digital Forensics has decided to keep the flat-rate pricing special through September… September 17, 2012

Are Dangerous Cyber Security Threats Lurking Right Under Your Nose? – See Where You Stand with GDF’s Digital Asset Threat Assessment (DATA) Program

Technology advances at a blazing pace. As it does, computing options are also rapidly evolving to squeeze every drop of convenience possible out of the vast array of devices, platforms, programs and applications which are increasingly relied on every day. The separation between work and play is also getting harder to define with personal devices flooding the cyber landscape, making it a brand new ballgame for many organizations that find themselves gasping for air while trying to keep up from a security perspective. Global Digital Forensics is adding a newly focused service called the Data Asset Threat Assessment (DATA) program to its arsenal to help clients successfully adapt to the numerous new security challenges they are forced to face… September 11, 2012

DDoS Protection – Yes, There is Such a Thing as Too Much Web Traffic

Web traffic. It’s the holy grail for countless enterprises that rely on an Internet presence as an integral part of daily operations. But there are forces at play on the digital frontier that thrive on maliciously delivering so much traffic to a targeted site that it becomes overwhelmed to the point it ceases to function. Welcome to the world of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Global Digital Forensics introduces a security offering to help businesses thwart potentially crippling DoS and DDoS attacks… September 5, 2012

An Ex-Employee with a Grudge can Become a Real Threat if Digital Assets are not Monitored and Protected

In our world of digital information, safeguarding digital assets has never been more important. Global Digital Forensics is offering a newly updated Electronic Exit Interview program designed to give businesses the protection and peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what Electronically Stored Information (ESI) may be at risk when an employee leaves the company, voluntarily, or involuntarily, giving them an opportunity to take appropriate action before it’s too late… August 31, 2012

Apple vs. Samsung’s Billion Dollar Outcome Shines a Spotlight on Computer and Email Forensics

An epic battle between Samsung and Apple played out last week and it ended with a major victory worth over a billion dollars for Apple. That’s right, that’s billion, as in nine zeroes. Front and center during the twenty five hours each side was given to make their case? – Computer forensics and email forensics. Timelines were built, internal memos were spotlighted and years of history we pieced together like a giant jigsaw puzzle… August 28, 2012

For Attorneys and Law Firms, Misuse of Technology can Lead to Serious Breaches in Client Confidentiality

Recently, the American Bar Association (ABA) finalized the changes recommended by the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 and amended the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct to give guidance and bolster awareness regarding lawyers’ use of technology and the potential impact on confidentiality. Global Digital Forensics is offering a free two hour consultation with a technology specialist to assist lawyers and law firms in fortifying their cyber security posture so technology related confidentiality issues can be largely avoided… August 17, 2012

Gone Phishing! – No it’s not a Vacation, But it is a Favorite Pastime for Hackers

With summer in full swing, it’s easy for an occasional lapse in judgment to creep in. Unfortunately, in the hacker “sport” of phishing, it only takes one such lapse for an entire organization to be on the hook. Hackers don’t have to worry about bag limits, size limits or protected species in this kind of phishing because the entire point is to sneak their illegal catches by the game wardens anyway. Global Digital Forensics is offering a free, two hour cyber security consultation with certified experts throughout August to help organizations close out the dog days of summer on a cyber security high note… August 14, 2012

Soaring eDiscovery Costs are Convincing Many to Opt for In-House Solutions – Global Digital Forensics Helps Clients Safely Explore the Options

There are not many cases anymore which don’t rely on some form of digital evidence. More than 85% of all correspondence is done electronically. Record keeping, knowledge seeking, and even leisure time are also rooted to digital ground. With such massive amounts of information to sift through when the evidence is “in the data,” electronic discovery costs are flying high. To provide the right services clients need to combat the escalation, Global Digital Forensics has restructured their offerings to include consultation assistance and timely solutions to help clients successfully transition some eDiscovery tasks to a more in-house approach, without sacrificing admissibility and defensibility… August 9, 2012

Kids, there are some things you CAN try at home. Do-it-yourself (DIY) e-discovery in 2012

You can probably change your own oil, but you probably can’t swap out your transmission. While both tasks can be considered manual and labor intensive, the transmission requires a lot more finesse. The same holds true with computers and their digital evidence… August 8, 2012

Global Digital Forensics Announces the Restructuring of its Vendor Security Review Service for Financial Firms

With regulatory compliance, client privacy, firm integrity and public reputation all on the line, it has never been more important for financial institutions to know how protected they are when outside vendors are granted access to sensitive information. Even if point A and point B are safe, what about the road between them?… August 7, 2012

DIY or “Garage” Computer Forensics Can Adversely Impact A Case – Don’t expect Mercy from the Courts

Billions of dollars can hinge on computer forensics. Just look at the Herculean tug-of-war that will be going on throughout August between Apple and Samsung in a patent dispute involving multi-billions in revenue. With the explosion of cases involving Electronically Stored Information (ESI), many companies and legal counsel are trying to rely on more of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to computer forensics. Global Digital Forensics has helped countless clients recover from calamitous situations involving poorly practiced computer forensics and decided to pass on some pointers… – August 3, 2012

Is Hackergate Next for the NFL?

Many NFL teams are moving their playbooks and game film to iPads this year. Joe Caruso, CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, weighs in on the biggest question surrounding this evolution. Is the NFL ready for the bad that comes with the good when it comes to life on the cyber frontier?… – July 27, 2012

A Dark Night with the Dark Knight – Can Computer Forensics Answer the Burning Question…Why?

In the aftermath of the tragedy which unfolded in the wee hours of Friday morning that saw at least 12 people killed and dozens injured by a lone gunman during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, the burning question on everyone’s mind is why? How can you put an explanation to the inexplicable? How can you make sense of a senseless act? How can you even start to find answers to fill the void of agony, anger and grief the victims, their friends and family will be living with for the rest of their days?… – July 20, 2012

With the Cloud Picking Up Steam, Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence take a Step Back to Meet the Future

With shared resources, hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, hosted business applications and off-site storage, the “cloud” brings a unique and formidable set of challenges to the identification and acquisition of digital evidence, as well as to the world of regulatory compliance. Global Digital Forensics can assist clients, counsel and even the judiciary to negotiate the perils of the cloud… – July 19, 2012

Electronic Discovery 2012: Coming Back to Earth, by way of the “Cloud”

Traditional discovery was an endeavor fraught with no small amount of peril: what if something was lost, concealed, destroyed or (even if produced) just plain missed? The lurking danger of a damaging “needle in the haystack” was a constant concern. At the dawn of the age of electronic discovery, Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) offered a new hope… -July 17, 2012

Cyber Warfare Has Always Been a Game Played in the Shadows – It’s Time to Bring Some Light to the Battlefield with E-Defense

Cyber warfare is a brutal reality in today’s digital world and the front lines of the cyber battlefield can spill to anyone’s doorstep. The driving force behind the Global Digital Forensics E-Defense System, founder and CEO/CTO Joe Caruso, has been engaged in securing digital information and cyber assets since … – June 22, 2012

Global Digital Forensics Provides Expert eDiscovery Guidance as the Courts Establish New Guidelines for Legal Counsel

Electronic discovery firm Global Digital Forensics handles the complex process of securing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and places its clients in an advantageous position as judges demand better eDiscovery practices. – June 20, 2012

The “Shot Heard ‘Round the Cyber World” – US Involvement in Stuxnet Throws Some Cold Water on the Flame’s 15 minutes of Fame

The Flame virus may have captured national attention lately, but it’s the recently revealed news about Stuxnet and US involvement that has some leaders in the cyber security field, like Global Digital Forensics founder Joe Caruso, wondering if we’ve now entered a new frontier in cyber warfare… – June 7, 2012

Overlooking IT Forensics as a Crucial Component of an Organization’s IT Structure Can Prove Costly – Expose Deficiencies with a Global Digital Forensics IT Assessment

For any organization or enterprise that finds their digital assets are an important component to operate effectively and successfully in today’s digital world, overlooking or under appreciating the need for IT forensics can deal a devastating blow to any lofty ambitions for long-term success. We… – May 31, 2012

Web, Mobile and Cloud Application Vulnerabilities can Pose a Serious Risk – Application Security Testing from Global Digital Forensics can Significantly Reduce the Threat

Web, mobile and cloud application vulnerabilities are exposing US cyber assets to serious security risks, and the threat is growing by the day. But sometimes it takes more than just common sense to push people into action, even to protect themselves. Sometimes it takes the illuminating shock provided… – May 18, 2012

Global Digital Forensics Offers Penetration Testing to Help Organizations Minimize the Threat and Damage Potential of Cyber Intrusions and Data Breaches

The numbers revealed in Symantec’s newest Internet Security Threat Report tell a story that should make every organization relying on Electronically Stored Information (ESI), in any form, turn a fresh spotlight on securing their cyber assets. With 403 million new variants of malware out there in… – May 04, 2012

Global Digital Forensics Named “Significant Player” in Leading Digital Forensics Industry Report on the Expanding Field

Data is everywhere, and when the problems needing answers live in the digital world, it’s the digital forensics experts that fight on the front line. – March 28, 2012

With New “Joint Electronic Discovery Submission” Pilot Program Now in Effect in SDNY, Global Digital Forensics Keeps Clients Prepared

With Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) costs continuing to spiral out of control in complex litigations, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York’s (SDNY’s) 31-member Judicial Improvements Committee, in a joint bench and bar effort, is the latest to tackle the still sometimes… – December 28, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Enhancing eDiscovery Solutions to Keep Legal Cases on Track When Digital Evidence Goes International

The world of litigation has taken on an increasingly troublesome dimension thanks to our interconnected and global digital world. It is also becoming more apparent by the day that sticking to the comfort zone of old-world thinking when it comes to digital evidence and eDiscovery, is simply a disaster… – November 11, 2011

With eDiscovery Costing US Companies Over $3 Billion a Year, Global Digital Forensics is on the Front Lines to Help Reduce Costs

According to the latest Socha-Gelman Electronic Discovery Survey, “the E-Discovery market alone has already surpassed $2.8 billion and is projected to reach about $3.5 billion in 2011.” Global Digital Forensics reduces eDiscovery costs by helping organizations avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes… – September 16, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Helps Minimize the Financial Impact of Data Breaches Which Cost US Companies Billions Every Year

The aftermath of a successful data breach can have far reaching consequences. Not only must the immediate damage and/or losses be considered, which can be catastrophic enough, but the potent doses of caustic toxins a successful breach can inject into formerly healthy relationships with clients, partners… – September 08, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Helps Tackle Social Media to Maximize eDiscovery Benefits

When social media and digital evidence collide, Global Digital Forensics can help. – August 27, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Can Help Thwart Internal Cyber Threats

The Global Digital Forensics team has been fighting in the trenches as cyber intrusion responders for over two decades, evolving in lockstep with the ever changing landscape of cyber threats. So, when it comes to exposing flaws and weaknesses in an organization’s cyber security posture, that depth… – August 22, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Offers Proactive Solutions to Secure US Cyber Assets

US cyber assets are at risk and under assault from all directions. Foreign nations, organized hacker groups and rogue hackers alike, are all targeting our most sensitive digital information. Waiting to become a victim is not only foolhardy, but completely unnecessary, because Global Digital Forensics offers proactive solutions to help you significantly improve the security of cyber assets – before the possibility of an intrusion becomes an eventual reality. – August 10, 2011

Global Digital Forensics Announces “E-DEFENSE” for US Corporations to Step Up Response to Cyber Threats

Doing business on the digital frontier can have as many pitfalls as advantages. Responsibly controlling and protecting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is crucial for a smooth operation, as well as maintaining client trust and integrity, yet many corporations and businesses wait until after a data breach before they begin taking adequate measures to protect themselves and their clients from cyber intruders. Global Digital Forensic’s E-DEFENSE System can help change all that. – April 14, 2011

Email Mistakes at Work: How to Survive Them

As a computer forensics expert, a big part of Gitkos’ job is retrieving what could eventually become evidence in litigation. Companies deliberately design their information infrastructure to make sure the business is protected at all levels. Most corporate email goes through the company’s server before it arrives at its destination. Which means that even if the sender and recipient delete it from their machines, a copy will exist on the server for as long as the individual company policy dictates. They also archive older emails. “Every one of your emails will probably be around for a very long time,”…October 7, 2010