Mainframe Security

The painfully obvious reality in our interconnected digital world is that everyone can consider themselves a target.

Sometimes it’s better not to be in the news

Security ThreatSecurity officers from financial institutions, health care organizations, government agencies, and American businesses of all sizes are realizing the need to test the security posture of their mainframe systems, and the applications that run on them, has never been more critical. They know hacks and intrusions are not rare events, they are daily occurrences. It seems every week there is another breaking story about a massive data breach or cyber intrusion.

Targeted from all directions

Hackers are more organized than ever, pushing each other to reach new heights of notoriety and infamy, leaving you caught in the crossfire. That’s not even including players from foreign nations, including some that are hostile towards all things American, with limitless funding and determination to gain access to sensitive information on many levels, from infrastructure systems and intellectual secrets, to classified government information.

False sense of security

The Global Digital Forensics team of experienced mainframe security experts can deliver a quality review and evaluation of your organization’s mainframe security posture. While many organizations may have conducted penetration testing, security auditing and vulnerability assessments on their network assets, mainframes often go overlooked, believed to be inherently secure.

Don’t forget about regulatory compliance

Global Digital Forensics offers security services to help organizations meet various regulatory requirements and design methodologies to insure the security of their mainframes, as well as the applications running on them. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals has conducted hundreds of assessments for some of the biggest companies in the United States, and globally.

Experience that counts

Our real world experience and proven methodologies ensure our clients get a quality deliverable, on time and within budget. Our detailed reporting includes the outcome of a comprehensive review and audit, as well as detailed remediation reports designed to help administrators actually implement the suggested changes.

To help you thwart cyber intruders, we act like one

A full mainframe review includes not only auditing reports, but we will attempt to execute a true attempt at compromising the system using a zero knowledge attack. The outcome of this multi-layered approach to mainframe security means that an organization receives a realistic view from both an administration and policy perspective, as well as from a perimeter security perspective.

You name it

GDF can conduct mainframe security audits and assessment services on many mainframe platforms utilizing a verity of third party tools including: AS/400, OS/390, Z/OS, Stratus, Unisys, Tandem, Intel, ACF2/Top-Secret, RACF, Infogaurd, DB2, IMS, Unix Services, and more…

GDF Mainframe Security Assessments include:

Installation and configuration review of the overall system and security products

User, Group, Station and Application rights review

General Security Posture (Settings, Unused Accounts, Cross Departmental Rights, etc.)

Penetration Test (What users inside and outside you network can possibly compromise)

Application Security Testing

Policy Review

Detailed Remediation Advice

GDF has many whitepapers, sample reports and detailed audit checklists that we are happy to share with the security community.

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