Forensic Readiness Assessment

GDF will help you achieve Forensic & eDiscovery Readiness

In the business world, litigation is a commonplace occurrence.  Unfortunately, being unprepared to move quickly and decisively when the inevitable finally does occur is also far too commonplace, and it’s costing organizations enormous resources unnecessarily each and every day.  Another fact – digital evidence is often at the core of litigation in this digital age, and with the massive amounts of information that must be preserved, identified, acquired, analyzed and produced, not being ready for the onslaught beforehand will drive up the costs for eDiscovery and litigation substantially, while also possibly costing you a successful resolution for your case altogether. And those are treacherous waters you never want to find yourself in.

How does GDF get you ready?

Forensics Readiness Assessment

We can do itComprehensive analysis of your current state of affairs
We thoroughly review your internal security infrastructure to get a lay of the land so we can ensure that information necessary to reduce the time and level of effort required for a forensics incident is quickly available and ready.

We can do itComprehensive analysis of investigation requirements
We’ll assist in drafting a deliverable which will dictate how incidents and requests are responded to, thereby again reducing level of effort and reducing time requirements, and that means reducing costs even more.

We can do itEstablish investigation response procedures matrix
We will create an escalation matrix based on your unique internal policy, personnel, applicable regulatory guidelines and data affected.

We can do itTraining for forensics response
The best plans are useless if no one knows how to properly enact them.  We train internal IT resources in first response, evidence preservation, chain of custody etc., allowing you to be fully prepared if an incident requires elevation.

eDiscovery Readiness Assessment

We can do itLay of the Land
Comprehensive analysis of your current state of electronic document discovery procedures and readiness

We can do itPolicy and Plan Review
When a matter is headed for litigation, we’ll review the plan you have in place and help make improvements to make sure your procedures and process are more than ready for game time.

We can do itIdentify Data Stores
We build you a user type matrix to assist in identifying data stores and potential responsive documents by user type.

We can do itDefine and Establish SoP
We help you establish Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for responding to discovery requests and litigation hold notices by user type and request.

We can do itArchiving and Preservation
We help you devise and establish archiving procedures that adhere to internal retention policy.

We can do itCustomize Administrative Requirements
We help you define administrative requirements and policy to adequately deal with your unique eDiscovery needs.

We can do itDefine and Establish Search Methodology Procedures
We help you define and establish search methodology by data store that streamlines the ESI (Electronically Stored Information) harvesting process.

We can do itProduction Protocol
We help you establish production protocol for supplying requested data in completely acceptable, admissible and usable form.

Event response

As soon as GDF is notified of an event we:

We can do itIdentify an appropriate response team (forensic or eDiscovery)
We will identify the right team to suit the task at hand.  Different objectives can require different approaches and we will ensure the right team is on the job.

We can do itDeploy our expert response teams either remotely or onsite, as required
With our globally positioned network of responders, we can be onsite to most nationwide locations within a matter of hours, not days.  Many times we can also handle parts of the engagement remotely for even more convenience and ease.

We can do itSupply you with a level of effort estimate for the specific event
Knowing what you are getting into is paramount from both a budgeting and resource planning perspective.  Our vast experience allows us to give you estimates that are really in the ballpark, not so far off base they cause trouble down the road.

Dont Leave Forensic & eDiscovery Readiness to Chance

Global Digital Forensics is a recognized leader in the arenas of computer forensics and eDiscovery, making us a perfect choice to help your organization achieve forensic and eDiscovery readiness.  From the simplest computing environments, to the most large-scale and complex digital environments on the planet, we’ve seen it all, from both the technology and judicial side of the fence.  Let our prowess and experience work for you to develop effective policies and procedures from scratch, or fine tune your existing process, and have you ready right out of the gate when a litigation event surfaces.  We’ll also be ready to leap into action with our event response teams whenever you need us, day or night.  Don’t find yourself trapped by unnecessary costs, call a GDF forensics and eDiscovery expert today for a free consultation and let us tailor a plan custom made for you.