Expert eDiscovery Planning

Global Digital Forensics experts have supported clients during some of the  most complex eDiscovery cases on record, but the story doesn’t end there. Regardless of the size of the case, or the complexity of the electronic data involved, GDF can help you navigate the technology and use it to your advantage.

The Right Plan at the Right Time – Early

eDiscovery PlanningThe planning phase is more than just deciding what to ask for, there are critical decisions to be made before the discovery meeting, or meet and confer, that will affect the efficiency and cost of cases, of all sizes.  This holds true if you are plantiff or defendant, and whether you are receiving or providing data.   eDiscovery planning is more than deciding on evidence you are entitled to, it’s about leveraging every conceivable advantage as early in the process as possible.  A good example is, how do want to receive data from your opposition?   Native files?  TIFF images? How will the data be reviewed?  How much data do you expect? Even one mistake made early on these initial choices can cost you plenty as the case progresses.

By answering these questions early on and planning how data will be received, from either/both your client or opposition, we can save clients enormous amounts of time, and by extension, money.  Global Digital Forensics experts are seasoned veterans at helping clients avoid costly eDiscovery pitfalls, work much more efficiently, and of course save money. It just takes one call for a free consultation and we’ll show you in detail how to benefit from the unrivaled GDF advantage.

Digital Evidence Timebomb