ESI Collection

Staying Ahead in the World of ESI

Now more than ever, creating a thorough, transparent and defensible ESI collection process is imperative to meet deadlines set by the courts.  The eDiscovery process is one of the most hotly debated subjects by thought leaders, practitioners and the judiciary, its on everyone’s mind.

Global Digital Forensics can help avoid ediscovery pitfalls and substantially reduce the cost burden, using only proven, accepted and forensically sound methods.   Global digital Forensics provides professional services and robust software offerings to corporations, law firms and government agencies, that are specifically designed to minimize risk related to ESI Collections.

ESI Collection Planning

Global Digital Forensics professionals work closely with clients to create a collection plan that is both defensible and transparent.

In fact, clients often find that working with GDF to identify, plan and collect ESI not only reduces costs, but greatly simplifies the eDiscovery process by working with counsel to understand the intricacies of the case, the requests, and pros and cons of each type of data and how to best harvest it.

Agent Based Collections

Advantage Plus, Global Digital Forensics’s eDiscovery Platform, provides collection agents for Windows and Mac computers, as well as for mobile devices, email, cloud storage and SaaS based applications (Software as a Service), all of which can be deployed on demand.  Agents can be configured to search and retrieve data by date range, key words and phrases, or by user, or email address.  Agents also do de-duplication on-the-fly and between custodians.   The robust configuration helps reduce over-collection and greatly reduces how much duplicate data must be reviewed.

Local Collections

With local offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, GDF can deploy professionals, rapidly and at minimal cost, that are specially trained to collect ESI in a defensible and forensically sound manner.  Whether you require forensic bit stream images of computers, or extraction of email or database contents, it is likley GDF has team of local professionals that can assist you and/or your client locally.   Our professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, continuous and current training, and carry accepted certifications, such as CCE, EnCE and ACE, to ensure collections are done correctly.

Production of Harvested Data

Global Digital Forensics not only takes exceptional care during the collection process, we deliver review ready data.  Harvested data can be provided with load files in Native Format, TIFF, PDF or any number of combinations that are already Bates stamped and ready for your review tool.  At Global Digital Forensics, we have no per page or per document fees for conversions, we flat rate by the job.  We can provide these flat rate services by keeping costs down and by developing our own technology.

Data Collection Services
  • eDiscovery Planning
  • ESI Collection Planning
  • Remote Collection
  • Search and Identify ESI
  • Mobile Device Collections
  • Complex Collections
  • Expert Affidavits
  • Ex-party and Court Ordered Collections
  • Forensic Disk Imaging
  • Data Warehousing and Secure Storage
  • Data Conversion
  • Early Case Assessment Services
  • Collection Defense
  • Hostile Environments






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