eDiscovery Services Overview

The New World of eDiscovery – Your First Choice is Crucial

TightropeWhen it comes to eDiscovery and choosing the right company to handle your digital evidence and eDiscovery needs, the tightrope between the success and failure of your case can be razor thin. For added difficulty, couple the attempted traverse with a spot-on forecast for strong gusting winds – from both directions. So if you are requesting Electronically Stored Information (ESI), or producing it, it has never been more imperative, and increasingly demanded by the courts, to include an eDiscovery expert early in the discovery process to avoid the common pitfalls of improperly preserving or identifying ESI, and the fishing expeditions that inevitably follow. But either through luck, virtue, or lady destiny herself, you stand ready to defy the ugly possibilities, you already found GDF.

A Perfect Evolution
By the very nature of our evolution, we have been immersed in all aspects eDiscovery from the ground up, allowing us to offer a full menu of solutions that can be custom tailored to fill your specific needs. From the very beginning of a case, GDF’s forensics experts can assist with the right tools, techniques and advice in all matters eDiscovery related. Our experience with a vast array of law firms and corporate clients of all sizes will leave you justifiably comfortable that you are in highly competent hands when you choose GDF to handle both the intricate details and heavy lifting that quality eDiscovery demands today.

When the Trail Goes Digital
The staggering amount of digital information, coupled with the constantly increasing reliance of today’s businesses (and people) on all that data, has caused a paradigm shift in how fact-finders have to approach finding and using ESI. Gone are the days of file rooms. In fact, gone are the days of a single data center or commercial application. Today you will find yourself requesting information that may be scattered across the country, or the world. It could be stored in massive, complex data centers, or on a single iPhone carried around in someone’s pocket. Whatever the case, GDF will work seamlessly with you to develop and implement the right eDiscovery plan to suit you needs, just as we’ve successfully done for hundreds of clients all over the world before. And by a successful eDiscovery plan, in true GDF form, that means a plan that will effectively streamline the entire eDiscovery process to substantially reduce the level of effort needed, and by extension, drastically reduce costs, without sacrificing the exceptional results our clients deserve, expect and receive.

Coping with the ever growing diversity of the digital landscape is our specialty, so whether the digital trail leads from email and EDD collection, to desktops, laptops, mainframes, pads, tablets, smartphones, social media sites, or even “the cloud,” we know how to find the relevant information you need. In a nutshell, if digital evidence exists, we will find it.

It’s All in the Planning
Whether you have one custodian or thousands, there are certain realities of requesting data that are unavoidable. It’s expensive, everyone estimates, and while we know what we have from an IT perspective, we have no idea what users are doing. Add to that the upcoming discovery conference in a few weeks and it’s clear, you need answers. Early Case Assessment (ECA) has been a fairly ambiguous term used to count documents and estimate pages so that cost estimates can be achieved. At GDF we call this process Mid–Case Assessment. At the onset, an organization should have a plan to map custodian data, estimate the volume of data, and preserve the data to avoid claims of spoliation or fishing expeditions. GDF continuously amazes clients on both sides of the fence using their deep technology backgrounds, paired with one of the longest histories of eDiscovery and computer forensics in the industry, bar none.

“The SDNY Pilot Program is another step in the right direction to solidify some rules of the road when digital evidence is involved,” said Joe Caruso, CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics. “For counsel, like our clients, who have correctly engaged in eDiscovery all along, the changes will seem trivial because for an eDiscovery vendor like us, the steps that will now be required are really the way we have been taking care of business all along.

By Order of the Court, An Early Advantage
Just to spotlight the trajectory eDiscovery is taking, and the increased reliance on digital evidence professionals the courts will expect, and even demand as we move forward, take the Southern District Courts of NY. They initiated a pilot program for complex cases sporting a new “Electronic Discovery Submission and [Proposed] Order” to address the issue of spiraling eDiscovery costs by basically forcing parties together earlier than ever to thoroughly discuss the eDiscovery process and establish rules-of-the-road agreeable to both parties pertaining to evidentiary ESI. But with GDF as your wingman, you’ll quickly learn why our clients learn to cherish these types of opportunities as forums to seize an early advantage, not a burden to be feared. 

To Infinity, and Beyond…
Petabytes? Exabytes? How much data is on your enterprise? We look at servers, applications and maybe even data warehouses, but it’s only when we start searching for ESI that it typically becomes obvious, you have a lot more then you thought. At GDF we are technologists at heart, with decades of combined experience in the line-of-fire that you can confidently rely on. Ours is a craft that can only really be learned by time and experience. That’s what it takes to fully understand the intensity and strategy of litigation and the potential impact to business, both financially, and from a perception standpoint. It takes a skilled consultant, a proven craftsman, to bridge the gap created by eDiscovery during the litigation process and the men and women trying to keep the business running. At GDF, we practice the craft of eDiscovery consulting every day and believe that the successful application of that craft is when clients successfully meet the numerous challenges of eDiscovery, while meeting budgetary requirements and maintaining sanity. At GDF, the first call is always free, because it’s not just a sales call, it’s an introduction to our world, and we know once you experience the GDF eDiscovery consulting difference, you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you didn’t call sooner.

Call it Destiny
So as the tightrope stretches before you, make the right choice. Just reach out, take our hand, and we’ll guide you safely across the chasm to eDiscovery success.