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Computer forensics, in its truest sense, is a convergence of art and science performed with the purpose of identifying, acquiring, analyzing and producing Electronically Stored Information (ESI).  Whether the task involves digital evidence for a legal matter, all done with strict adherence to the rules of discovery, recovering accidentally or intentionally lost data, preventing or responding to a data breach or cyber intrusion, or even uncovering electronic fraud and other cyber crimes, computer forensics is at the core.

Global Digital Forensics (GDF) is a recognized leader in the computer forensics arena. We can assist you locally with:

We can do itComputer Forensics

When there are problems on the digital frontier, the wagons always manage to circle back to computer forensics. It is at the core of cyber intrusions and eDiscovery alike, and Global Digital Forensics has been pioneering that frontier since the beginning. From our arsenal of proven state-of-the-art tools, to our controlled laboratories, we don’t leave results to chance.

We can do iteDiscovery

When a matter involves digital evidence, Global Digital Forensics is an unbeatable ally. Throughout the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from identification and acquisition, through analysis and production, you can rest assured all of your eDiscovery needs will be handled right.

We can do itTrial & Litigation Support

At GDF, we’ve been on the front lines of litigation involving eDiscovery for over two decades. There is not much we haven’t seen. Our ability to understand and help mold legal strategies involving ESI to bring your case to a successful resolution is unmatched. By the end of your free consultation you’ll understand what we can and do bring to the table.

We can do itAcquisition

With our global network of responders, even if you can’t send your data to us for analysis in our state-of-the-art labs, we can deploy responders on-site to your location for professional acquisition. We also have plenty of experience handling acquisitions in those sometimes not-so-friendly environments where the opposition is on site.

We can do itEmail & Social Networking Forensics

Society has changed and is constantly evolving, and with it so are the forms we use to communicate electronically. Whenever someone lets their fingers do the talking, GDF’s forensics experts can follow the digital trail and bring this evidence into the spotlight for analysis and review. The tools and expertise we can bring to bear are unmatched, just like our results.

We can do itNetwork, Database, and Applications Forensics

Wherever the data in question lives, GDF can handle the forensics, no matter how complex the situation may be. From the massive databases in use today, to the far reaching networks that organizations rely on to function every day, and even the popular or custom-built applications popping up every day, if it involves ESI, we have the right solutions for you.

We can do itMobile Phone and Digital Device Forensics

The days of data being confined to a desktop computer or a laptop are long gone.  GDF’s mobile device experts can forensically investigate and analyze virtually any device that “has legs.”

We can do itData Breaches & Cyber Intrusions

With lawsuits spawned from data breaches recently topping the billion dollar request for damages mark (just ask Sony), it should be crystal clear that everything is on the line when cyber criminals are involved. GDF has successfully responded to and remediated breaches and intrusions for many of the Fortune 500, as well as countless small to medium sized businesses.

We can do itEmergency Incident Response

Cyber criminals can strike at any time, day or night.  If you are the victim of an intrusion or breach, time is absolutely critical to mitigate damage that can be done to your organization.  Our globally positioned Emergency Incident Responders are available 24/7 and can be on site anywhere nationwide in a matter of hours to confine and remediate the damage.

We can do itRisk Management

The way the world works today, electronic data is at the center of everything, making controlling that data paramount. GDF’s experts have helped some of the most recognized entities on the planet devise and implement plans and policies to substantially reduce risks involving ESI.

We can do itData Recovery

When data is lost unintentionally, intentionally, or even maliciously, GDF’s experts have the tools, experience and expertise to offer you the greatest chances for recovery.

We can do itExpert Witness Testimony

Whether your need is for a testifying or non-testifying expert computer witness, the word of GDF’s  experts can carry the day.  Our ability to clearly explain what we’ve done and how we did it is just the tip of the iceberg, our ability to defend our position and process, as well as identify and relay problems with the opposition’s eDiscovery process or results is unrivaled.

Computer forensics is a complex field requiring an extensive all-around knowledge of a plethora of storage devices, operating systems, hardware, software, mobile devices, applications, regulatory rules, evidentiary procedures, acquisition techniques, and far too many more areas to effectively mention here. From source code to user interaction, every aspect of ESI must be taken into account.  Global Digital Forensics has been pioneering this frontier since its infancy and our experts are always ready to meet the challenge.

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