Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Services

From the courtroom to the boardroom, digital evidence can shape your future. So don't be another victim of the digital age, be the master of it. When the questions involve digital evidence, you can count on us for answers. But first, you have to make the most important choice of all, to call GDF.

Why do you need a partner like GDF? It’s Simple!

With eDiscovery rules constantly evolving, you need a partner like Global Digital Forensics - We keep you prepared so you can do what you do best.

With Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) costs continuing to spiral out of control in complex litigations, U.S. Courts are developing and implementing new eDiscovery procedures at a breakneck pace to tackle the still sometimes blurred lines guiding the intricacies of eDiscovery.

With the Southern District of New York, the District Courts of Delaware and the 7th Circuit most recently implementing new programs to help make those blurred lines increasingly clearer, common trends are continuing to gain steam. First and foremost emerging among these trends – counsel not being knowledgeable and competent in the realm of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) will have costly consequences.

And when it comes to highly knowledgeable and exceedingly competent eDiscovery experts, GDF will have all your bases covered. To make it totally painless, Global Digital Forensics is currently offering new clients a free two hour client consultation to help ensure your eDiscovery is always up to snuff.

With Global Digital Forensics on the case, you can rest easy knowing we stay on top of the most current developments in the realm of eDiscovery. Whether it’s about new processes and/or procedures being demanded by the courts, or the latest breakthroughs in technology and analytics, GDF always keeps you prepared and one step ahead of the game.