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From the courtroom to the boardroom, digital evidence can shape your future. So don't be another victim of the digital age, be the master of it. When the questions involve digital evidence, you can count on us for answers. But first, you have to make the most important choice of all, to call GDF.


GDF eDiscovery Services include eDiscovery Consulting, Data Harvesting, Data Conversion and Production

From the litigation hold through analytics and production, one misstep anywhere along the way can make a costly disaster of any legal case. GDF can help put that fear to rest. And when it comes to legal maneuvering and strategy savvy pertaining to eDiscovery, you’ll find GDF is second to none.


GDF Privides expert Computer Forensics, Digital Device Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics and more.

When it comes to combining the art of forensics with the cutting edge of technology to thoroughly satisfy your digital analysis needs, GDF has the tools, experience and expertise to exceed your high expectations every step of the way. We strive to deliver the highest quality work product to each and every client.


GDF Cyber Incident Response Teams are standing by to responsd to Cyber Intrusions and Cyber Crimes at a moments notice

The best success stories about securing cyber assets are the ones you don’t hear about in the news. Whether the task is substantially reducing the threat of cyber intrusions and data breaches, or responding to an emergency incident that has already occurred or is in progress, GDF is the right call to make, we have you covered.

  • Interview on FOX Business discussing the Flame Virus Interview on FOX Business discussing the Flame Virus Global Digital Forensics CTO is interviewed by FOX Business on teh Flame Virus used against Iran and how computer forensics may have helped find teh code.
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  • NBC Picks up Cyber Warefare NBC Picks up Cyber Warefare Cyber Warfare Has Always Been a Game Played in the Shadows - It's Time to Bring Some Light to the Battlefield with E-Defense
  • There are not many cases anymore which don’t rely on some form of digital evidence. More than 85% of all correspondence is done electronically There are not many cases anymore which don’t rely on some form of digital evidence. More than 85% of all correspondence is done electronically Soaring eDiscovery Costs are Convincing Many to Opt for In-House Solutions ' Global Digital Forensics Helps Clients Safely Explore the Options
  • Cyber Warfare Cyber Warfare Cyber warfare is a brutal reality in today’s digital world and the front lines of the cyber battlefield can spill to anyone’s doorstep. The driving force behind the Global Digital Forensics E-Defense System, founder and CEO/CTO Joe Caruso, has been engaged in securing digital information and cyber assets since the Internet exploded into a worldwide public phenomenon. But with cyber warfare taking center stage lately, he felt it’s time to expose some of the shadows and shine some light on securing US cyber assets.
  • Cyber Warefare FOX Vegas Cyber Warefare FOX Vegas When we talk about cyber warfare, we’re basically talking about APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). These attacks are well planned, well organized and well executed with a specific goal in mind, and that goal is rarely cash or reputation related, as is often the case with regular hackers. A cyber warrior’s goal is mainly intelligence, mapping vulnerabilities and assets, understanding internal controls, and of course creating ways to gain later entry should the need arise, like backdoors, pilfering valid passwords and user IDs for later use and the like, preferably with no action being taken, yet, and no one ever even knowing they were there. But this is where the threats posed by cyber warriors and cyber criminals, and some solutions, merge. Just because you’re not a defense contractor or a vital infrastructure entity, it doesn’t mean you’re not a target.
  • PIX New York PIX New York Computer Forensics solves child porn case
  • A Dark Night with the Dark Knight - Can Computer Forensics Answer the Burning Question...Why?Read more: A Dark Night with the Dark Knight - Can Computer Forensics Answer the Burning Question...Why?Read more: In today's social networking digital world, that means computer forensics specialists will undoubtedly be called upon to help uncover those answers. Rest assured, the process has already started. As soon as 24 year old James Holmes was taken into custody early Friday morning and police had a name to put to the chaos, it goes without saying that every single device containing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) which could be found was seized, catalogued and already has been, or soon will be expedited into the hands of digital evidence pros. They're the ones that intimately know the ins an outs of identifying, acquiring, analyzing and conveying the digital truth while always meticulously following Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) procedures to make sure any evidence found remains pristine, untainted and admissible, pros like the founder of Global Digital Forensics, Joe Caruso. Read more:


  • Symantec Symantec GDF and Symantec have been partners for 10 years
  • Microsoft Partner Program Microsoft Partner Program GDF has been a Microsoft Partner for 7 years
  • IEEE IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • GIAC GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification
  • CCE CCE International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners
  • Encase Encase Encase certified

Why do you need a partner like GDF? It’s Simple!

With eDiscovery rules constantly evolving, you need a partner like Global Digital Forensics - We keep you prepared so you can do what you do best.

With Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) costs continuing to spiral out of control in complex litigations, U.S. Courts are developing and implementing new eDiscovery procedures at a breakneck pace to tackle the still sometimes blurred lines guiding the intricacies of eDiscovery.

With the Southern District of New York, the District Courts of Delaware and the 7th Circuit most recently implementing new programs to help make those blurred lines increasingly clearer, common trends are continuing to gain steam. First and foremost emerging among these trends – counsel not being knowledgeable and competent in the realm of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) will have costly consequences.

And when it comes to highly knowledgeable and exceedingly competent eDiscovery experts, GDF will have all your bases covered. To make it totally painless, Global Digital Forensics is currently offering new clients a free two hour client consultation to help ensure your eDiscovery is always up to snuff.

With Global Digital Forensics on the case, you can rest easy knowing we stay on top of the most current developments in the realm of eDiscovery. Whether it’s about new processes and/or procedures being demanded by the courts, or the latest breakthroughs in technology and analytics, GDF always keeps you prepared and one step ahead of the game.